Business Interruption | COVID-19 Lessons We Must Learn

If the COVID-19 pandemic has taught businesses anything, its to prepare for the unexpected. In 2019, the biggest threat to business continuity included cyber-attacks, data breaches, critical infrastructure failure, regulatory charge or supply chain disruption. No one anticipated a pandemic of this magnitude; responsible for a complete UK lockdown and the closure of all non-essential businesses. While we’re now past the peak of the virus, many companies are facing the realisation that the months and years ahead are going to be a significant financial struggle.

One Document Lead Lesson To Take Away

One lesson we should all take away from this experience is to ensure comprehensive business continuity planning. While in lockdown, we recognised the significant role digitisation has played in allowing businesses to continue operations. With digital access to office documentation, businesses were able to facilitate remote working for their employees, ensuring productivity could continue. This forward-thinking planning has saved businesses potentially thousands of pounds it would have cost if the organisation was forced to shut down completely.

With the threat of a second spike of COVID-19 lurking around the corner, and the fear that businesses should be prepared for any eventuality, we urge that now is the time to review your continuity plan.

Storetec has the knowledge and experience to assist with digitising your paper archive into a structured, electronic database. With remote access to your documents 24/7; from anywhere across the world, you will have the assurance that in the worst-case scenario, work can continue from home.

What about security? You may ask. At Storetec, we have the infrastructure to host your documents on a secure cloud-based document management system. Our award-winning product FreeDocs, guarantees 24/7, unlimited access to documents with additional security measures including:

  • User access restrictions
  • Password & data encryption
  • Detailed audit trails
  • 2-factor authentication…… and more!

To help businesses implement a business interruption plan, we have several offers on our FreeDocs hosting product at present. If you would like anymore information on this, please do not hesitate to contact to Storetec team today.