Returning to the Office

With restrictions being lifted and lockdown coming to an end, many businesses are returning to working from the offices this month. However, for companies that have been working from home since the first lockdown, returning to the office will come as a shock.

Of course, life isn’t back to normal just yet, are there are still restrictions in place, so businesses need to take the necessary measures to adhere to these for the foreseeable future.

Are you worried about returning to an unorganised archive?

One concern many businesses have is returning to the office to an unorganised archive that needs managing. An efficient business depends on how well you manage your documents. If businesses are disorganised about how they handle their archive, it can lead the delays in daily operations, legal issues, and unhappy customers. A paper archive can easily get disorganised, especially when staff have been into the office quickly to grab a business-critical document, rummaged through the archive, and not returned it to its original location.

If your business doesn’t have time to manage its paper archive and is looking for a solution to manage it in the future, the answer is simple: a digital archive. Avoid the headache of an unorganised archive by getting your documents digitised and uploaded to a cloud-based document management system. Storetec can help you sort your documents in line with retention periods and even pack and collect the boxes before you return to the office.

Get your business back on track with an efficient document management system

According to Gartner, an average of 4 weeks is lost each year waiting on misfiled, mislabeled, untracked, or lost documents. This won’t have been benefitted by employees taking and not returning documents while working from home. By manually managing documents. businesses are costing themselves person-hours that could be spent on business-critical jobs. Digitising your active documents eliminates time-consuming searches through multiple filing cabinets for a document. An optical character recognition (OCR) application can be used, so your digitised files are fully text searchable. Documents will be just a click away rather than lost in a filing cabinet.

Storetec’s document management system, FreeDocs, can help to increase the working efficiency of your staff by organising your digital documents and making them easy to find and access. With quick, efficient access to paper documents, employees can focus resources on important business activities. In addition, documents can be accessed 24/7 Worldwide by multiple different users simultaneously; this is perfect for the current Coronavirus situation as staff cannot mix and potentially contaminate documents. Also, for if any reason businesses have to return to working from home. employees will have access to all document. So they won’t have to keep returning to the office to get them, risking documents getting lost or misplaced.

Do you need more office space for social distancing?

The practice of social distancing is not going away any time soon. Employees may have sat in close proximity to each other prior to Covid, but since restrictions haven’t been fully eased yet, social distancing still needs to be adhered to. Every 4-drawer cabinet holds around 12,000 pages and occupies approximately 8 square feet of floor space. By digitising your archive, you can utilise this area and give more space for social distancing between desks.

Do you need physical copies of your documents? For many businesses, it isn’t feasible to have everything digitised. There are still certain documents required to be kept as hard copies in some instances, such as legal, medical or HR documents that companies could need for audit purposes. Storetec offers a document storage solution so you can save office space and give critical documents the best physical security. Many businesses onsite archive is not well organised and requires sifting through filing cabinets to find business-critical documents. When documents are stored at Storetec’s facilities, boxes are barcoded and tracked for quick accessibility and are promptly retrieved when needed.


Storetec can assist your business in returning to the office. If you would like to find out more about how Storetec can support you, contact us today.