Security VS Paper Documents

As the ‘digital age’ grows, it is clear that un-structured paper storage systems are not only inefficient but also pose security threats. Surprisingly, some corporate businesses can’t seem to escape old habits and believe that by locking archived documents away in filing cabinets, their documents are safe. Knowledge is power and by not securing your confidential files, you may be giving individuals the knowledge to damage your company.

Corruption to confidential information exists in even the most secure environments. In June 2017, The Intercept posted a news story in relation to a leaked, top-secret intelligence report suggesting Russia had influences in the presidential campaign and voting system. If information guarded by the US government has the potential to be leaked then what chance do corporate companies stand?

How can Storetec secure your documents?

The most common threat is simply factored by ‘human error’. By using paper copies, documentation can be easily: misplaced, left available for peeking eyes to see or even destroyed. In larger corporate companies, simply the click of a button can mistakenly send confidential files or spreadsheets to the wrong printer for another employee to view which would be a serious data protection breach. These concerns become more apparent in divisions such as HR & accounts which manage confidential information.

Accidental damage and natural disasters can have catastrophic consequences if documents are not backed up online or replicated at alternative locations. Leaving a faulty phone charger on overnight may subsequent in a fire which would destroy all paper documentation in its path. By backing up your documentation online, you can be assured that company records are safe.

You may be thinking…. What can I do to improve the security in my organisation? Well there is a solution. By appointing a document scanning service such as Storetec Services, documents and files can be safely stored online behind firewalls and password protection features. ‘Super users’ can delegate access to different staff in organisations to ensure confidentiality is not breached.

Online access to documentation is the future! Make the appropriate changes to your company today.