Storetec donates £1000 to local families amid Coronavirus crisis

In response to the impact of Coronavirus, several charities including Viking FM have launched appeals to help the most vulnerable families in our local area. Those families on low incomes, or who are living on the brink of poverty will be feeling the pressure now more than ever to put food on the table and pay for basic necessities.

With 93% of our employees residing within a 6-mile radius to the production bureau, supporting the local community is incredibly important to us. Year on year we have participated in charitable events, sponsored walks and bake sales. In Christmas 2019 we donated hundreds of toys to the Cash for Kids campaign, doing our part to make sure every child in the local area received a toy from Santa Claus.

Now more than ever do local charities need our support. Which is why our managing director has very kindly donated £1000 to the appeal. 100% of the money raised will be used to help cover the basics for families and children such as food, water and heating.

Every donation helps, therefore if your feeling generous and would like to support this fantastic appeal, please visit

Thank you & stay safe.