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With the number of Covid-19 infections within the UK continuing to increase day by day, businesses are beginning to make preparations for employees to work from home. Whilst the UK is currently still in the ‘containment phase’, progressing to the ‘delay phase’ could see the government advising measures of social distancing including cancelling sporting events and large gatherings, discouraging people to use to public transport and advising businesses to allow employees to work from home.

How can Storetec help?

There obviously will be some instances where working from home isn’t feasible; however, most typical office work can be completed remotely. Providing employees have access to a work or personal computer, work and productivity can continue as normal. Video conferencing tools such as Skype and Microsoft Teams can even be utilised to replace internal meetings between members of staff and potential new clients.

There are security concerns to consider with working from home. Most companies will use currently a virtual private network (VPN) to create an encrypted connection from the user’s computer to their company IT system. Accessing confidential electronic records from home, without the correct security provisions in place, may put businesses at risk of cyber theft and fraud. As a solution, businesses can utilise a secure cloud-based document management such as FreeDocs which has all necessary security provisions in place to protect the most confidential documents. Being a cloud-based system, FreeDocs has the benefit of being accessible from any device with internet access, from anywhere across the world.

FreeDocs encompasses several features such as data encryption, detailed audit trails, managed password policies, IP address restrictions and super-user restrictions. Furthermore, additional security provisions can be integrated such as 2-factor authentication; meaning when logging in, a code will be sent via SMS to a pre-approved phone number for validation.

Where does GDPR come into play?

Article 32 of GDPR states that businesses should implement appropriate technical and organisational measures to ensure document security. Meaning, if employees are working from home and accessing confidential personal information, there must be appropriate security measures in place such as data encryption. As mentioned, Storetec’s cloud-based document management system FreeDocs allows for secure remote working as data encryption is a key feature of the database. Dedicated ‘Super Users’ on FreeDocs will also have the ability to restrict user access. This means employees working remotely, could potentially be restricted over: printing, emailing and accessing certain confidential documents.

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