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Environmental, Social
& Governance

We believe in the power of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles to shape a better future. As a leading document management company, we’re proud to integrate these values into our operations. From our state-of-the-art scanning bureau to our proprietary cloud-based document management system, we prioritise sustainability, community engagement, and ethical governance for us and our clients.


We are committed to reducing our environmental impact. We continue to work towards ISO 14001, which outlines improvements businesses can make to enhance environmental performance.

Storetec is dedicated to minimising its environmental impact by:

  • Utilising solar panels on our central production bureau’s roof, generating 2,100 kWh of renewable electricity monthly.
  • Transitioning all non-commercial company vehicles to 100% electric as of 2023, complemented by electric vehicle charging points.
  • Minimising wastage and responsibly managing waste, including recycling efforts.
  • Implementing energy-saving LED lights at all operational sites.
  • Employing advanced route planning tools to reduce environmental impact from commercial vehicles.
  • Providing staff training so that we all work by environmental policies and within an environmentally aware culture.
  • Incorporating environmental factors into planning and management processes.
  • Partnering with The Future Forest Company to plant a tree for every ten boxes of client documents scanned, complete with a dedicated certificate and what3words location.


We value our community and continue supporting local sporting teams and participating in charitable giving.


Storetec employees are actively involved in raising funds for local and national charities. Our directors have taken on personal fundraising missions by climbing Mount Kilimanjaro and cycling from London to Paris to raise money for charities, including Macmillan Cancer Support and the Alzheimer’s Society. As a company, Storetec has chosen to adopt Sunshine House as a local cause to raise funds for the fantastic respite care they provide for children and young people; every year, Storetec have a Christmas Jumper Day to do so.

Mission Christmas

Being incredibly invested in the local community, Cash For Kids’ Mission Christmas is a charity close to all our hearts. Every year Storetec donates hundreds of gifts to the Mission Christmas initiative, which ensures every child in the local area has a present under the tree on Christmas morning.


Storetec also supports the local community as the official shirt sponsor of the Mill Lane United U14s football club.


At Storetec, we prioritise governance as the basis of our document management services.


We maintain open and accountable processes, providing clients with complete visibility into our operations. We actively promote clients coming to our locations to conduct audits, see our solutions in action and work through our processes.

Data Security

All of our systems are subjected to robust and regular penetration testing by third-party cybersecurity experts, ensuring they remain free from vulnerabilities and offer the highest protection of our clients’ information.


We strictly adhere to industry regulations, staying updated on legal changes.

Ethical Practices

We conduct business with the highest ethical standards, demanding the same from our partners. All staff at Storetec are on at least the national living wage ensuring that we provide a suitable and sustainable place to work.


We prioritise client needs and feedback, continuously improving our services.


We’re proud members of the following frameworks.

ESPO 390

LOT 1 – Electronic Document Scanning and Software

LOT 2 – Document Storage and Retrieval Services

LOT 3 – Total Document Management Solutions

LOT 4 – Enhanced Handling and Security Requirements

KCS Procurement Services

LOT 1 – Asset and Records Storage, Retrieval and Destruction

LOT 2 – Document Scanning and Digital Storage

LOT 3 – Information Governance and Advisory Services

LOT 4 – Content Services Platform

LOT 5 – Cloud Solutions

CCS GCloud 13

LOT 1 – Cloud Hosting

LOT 2 – Cloud Software

LOT 3 – Cloud Support (Additional Services)

NHS Data Security and Protection Toolkit (DSPT)

LOT 1 – Scanning Services

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