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Storetec offers tailored document scanning and management solutions to help financial organisations optimise their operations. Our advanced scanning technology efficiently transforms your paper documents into digital formats, significantly enhancing accessibility and facilitating faster decision-making.

With our secure document management system, FreeDocs, we prioritise data security, compliance, and efficiency. FreeDocs ensures the protection of sensitive financial data while simplifying document management, making it easy to track changes, maintain version control, and collaborate effectively. This enhances productivity and regulatory compliance for financial professionals.

By partnering with Storetec, you can streamline your document management processes, improve data security, and focus on delivering exceptional services to clients while remaining fully compliant with industry regulations. Our solutions not only enhance document accessibility but also optimise the entire document management workflow, allowing financial professionals to work more efficiently and effectively.

Some reasons to work together
Document Management Expertise

With years of experience handling sensitive financial documents, including client records and regulatory filings, Storetec ensures that your documents are organised, secure, and easily accessible, helping you comply with stringent regulations.

Streamline Document Workflow

We streamline processes through document digitisation, automated workflows, and reduced paper reliance. Our solutions convert paper to digital, optimise data entry, making your document management seamless, saving time, and minimising errors.

Data Security and Compliance

In the regulated financial sector, Storetec ensures security with ISO 27001 standards, including encryption, access control, and regular backups for digital documents. This minimises data breach risks, unauthorised access, and safeguards sensitive financial data, ensuring regulatory compliance.

Legally Admissible Digitisation

Storetec’s BS10008 certification ensures the authenticity and integrity of digitised records, making them legally admissible in court, if required. Partnering with us means efficient digitisation that meets legal requirements, providing added assurance in your documentation processes.

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Enhanced Accessibility

Quick access to financial records is essential for making informed decisions and serving clients effectively. Digital documents make it easy for you to retrieve and share information, ultimately improving customer service and response times.

Business Continuity

Safeguard legal records from physical damage or loss due to unforeseen events like fire, flooding, or cyber-attacks. Digital backups ensure long-term preservation for future reference or compliance.

Efficiency and Cost Savings

Reduce the need for physical storage space and manual document handling. This leads to cost savings and improved operational efficiency, allowing you to allocate resources more effectively and focus on your core financial services.

Elevate your digital document management
FreeDocs is renowned for its powerful search capabilities and seamless collaboration. With features like version control, audit trails, and top-tier security measures, you'll transform your financial document management workflow, ensuring maximum efficiency, data security, and compliance. Effortlessly navigate and retrieve critical financial documents, all while benefiting from the highest level of security.
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The time the staff now spend on finding information has greatly reduced

We worked with this central London-based insurance broker to remove all 3.1 kilometres of client files from their offices. Following removal, the files were digitised and stored electronically in FreeDocs to allow employees instant access to the information.

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