Book and Manuscript Scanning Services

Whether you’re an archivist, historian, librarian, or a dedicated book collector, our state-of-the-art scanning technology ensures the safe conversion of your manuscripts, rare books, and historical documents into high-resolution digital formats. Preserve the past, digitise the future.



We collect your books and manuscripts from your facility through our internally managed tracked vehicle fleet. We can even pack your books and manuscripts for you, if required.



For destructive scanning projects, our team prepare the books for scanning by neatly removing spines using a guillotine. For non-destructive scanning, specialist care will be taken when handling and scanning.



Using a specialist V-cradle scanner, the books are scanned and exported. Electronic images are indexed and structured to suit your requirements, and OCR applied to enable text-searchability.



Electronic images are returned via a secure download or uploaded into a public or private cloud-based document management system, like MDI Cloud, for easy retrieval and management.

Book Scanning Benefits
Book Preservation

Safeguard delicate and aged documents by creating digital copies that reduce the need for physical handling, thus preserving their integrity.

Greater Accessibility

Make literary materials accessible to a broader audience by converting them into digital formats, allowing them to be easily accessible from anywhere.

Easier Searchability

Digitised documents are searchable, enabling efficient and precise keyword searches, making it easier to find specific information within large collections.

Knowledge Preservation

Contribute to the preservation of cultural heritage, ensuring that valuable knowledge is preserved and passed down to future generations.

Enhanced Collaboration

Enable easy sharing and collaboration among researchers, scholars, and institutions. Easier sharing facilitates scholarly exchange and collaborative projects.

Space Efficiency

Reduce expenses related to printing and physical storage, and streamline workflows, reducing labour costs associated with manual document handling.

Types of book scanning
Destructive and Non-Destructive Book Scanning

If you’re looking to arrange a book scanning project, you must first consider if the spines can be removed. We provide both destructive and non-destructive book scanning services to meet all your digitsation needs.

Destructive Book Scanning

Destructive book scanning involves disassembling a book or manuscript for high-speed digitisation, sacrificing the original’s physical integrity in favour of improved efficiency and lower cost. This method is suitable for materials that can be discarded after digitisation.

Non-Destructive Book Scanning

Non-destructive book scanning preserves the physical integrity of rare and valuable books and manuscripts. It captures images without altering or disassembling the original, making it ideal for archival and historical book preservation purposes.

Frequently Asked Questions
Magazine Scanning Services

Magazine scanning is valuable for historical preservation, research, and archiving purposes. It allows for the efficient retrieval of specific articles or information from a vast archive of magazine issues, making it a valuable resource for researchers, publishers, and enthusiasts alike.

Our book scanners are equipped to digitise glossy magazines in colour, up to 600 dpi, creating a quality digital replica. As with our standard book scanning services, we give you the option of destructive and non-destructive scanning.

OCR Document Scanning

OCR (Optical Character Recognition) document scanning is a process that involves scanning physical documents, such as paper files or printed text, to convert the scanned images into machine-readable text. This allows the content within the documents to be recognised by machines to enable keyword search functions.. OCR document scanning offers several benefits, including improved searchability, reduced manual data entry, enhanced data accuracy, and the ability to work with and often edit digital versions of documents.

We believe our awards are a testament to the quality services we provide our clients.

Over the years we’ve been nominated for and won numerous awards at the annual Document Manager Awards Ceremony including BPO/Outsourcing/Bureau Business of the Year for nine years, and Storage Product of the Year in 2023.

Across the UK
Local document scanning services

Discover the convenience and efficiency of our local document scanning services. We understand the importance of digitising your documents accurately and securely. With our state-of-the-art technology and experienced team, we ensure a seamless transition from physical to digital.