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Helping emergency service organisations improve efficiency and accessibility to critical information

Knowledge is everything – and the knowledge contained within your documents is essential information you need to have access to, sometimes at a moment’s notice. Storetec offers specialised document scanning and management solutions tailored to the unique needs of emergency service organisations. Our document scanning services efficiently convert paper documents into digital formats, enabling rapid access and sharing among authorised personnel. This not only eliminates the need for physical storage but also accelerates response times during emergencies.

Storetec’s secure document management system, MDI Cloud, ensures data protection while providing easy access to documents, whether in the office or the field. By partnering with us, emergency service organisations can enhance efficiency, improve data security, and focus on their primary mission of safeguarding communities. Trust Storetec to keep vital information at your fingertips when every second counts.


Expertise in Document Management
Storetec’s experience and expertise in document management, especially with sensitive data, guarantee organised, secure, and accessible documents. Our staff undergo DBS checks, sign non-disclosure agreements, and, if needed, NPPV level 2 vetting for added security.
Streamline Document Workflow
We streamline processes through document digitisation, automated workflows, and reduced paper reliance. Our solutions convert paper to digital, optimise data entry, making your document management seamless, saving time, and minimising errors.
Efficiency and Accessibility
Quick access to documents during emergencies is vital. MDI Cloud enables remote access to documents for faster responses and enhanced decision-making. Collaborate on documents from any location and run powerful AI tools to ensure you are getting the most from your information.
Legally Admissible Digitisation
Storetec’s BS10008 certification ensures the authenticity and integrity of digitised records, making them legally admissible in court, if required. Partnering with us means efficient digitisation that meets legal requirements, providing added assurance.
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Data Security
Storetec ensures security with ISO 27001 and Cyber Essentials Plus standards. Digital documents are access-controlled, and regularly backed up, reducing the risk of data breaches and unauthorised access, safeguarding sensitive information in critical situations.


Contribute to sustainability efforts by reducing paper consumption and the environmental impact associated with traditional document management. Storetec will plant a tree in your name for every 10 boxes scanned, further supporting sustainability initiatives.


Cost-Effective Solutions
We can help you streamline your document management processes, reducing the need for physical storage space and manual document handling. This can result in cost savings over time, allowing you to allocate resources to other critical areas of operation.

MDI Cloud is renowned for its powerful search capabilities. Enhance accessibility to your critical emergency service documents, ensuring maximum efficiency and security as you effortlessly navigate and retrieve essential information. Transform your document management workflow to empower faster response times and improved decision-making in critical situations.

MDI Cloud


We completed the scanning, capture, and hosting of sensitive patient report forms on behalf of St John Ambulance. Our services allowed SJA a greater ability to analyse and audit the care given by their clinicians, and ensured the highest standards of data security and compliance with GDPR regulations.

“Storetec’s diligence, secure processes, and commitment to compliance have provided us with peace of mind, knowing that patient confidentiality is maintained at all times.”
James McNulty-Ackroyd
Head of Clinical Delivery
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why Storetec?

    We pride ourselves on our certified approach, conducting regular audits to meet ISO, BS10008, and Cyber Essentials Plus requirements. Our experienced team, with a solution-focused culture, ensure the best outcomes for our clients. Our state-of-the-art facilities and cutting-edge equipment enable tailored, efficient solutions. These combined have earned us the title of BPO/Outsourcing/Bureau Business of the Year at the Document Manager Awards for the past nine years, showcasing our dedication to excellence.

  • What types of emergency service organisations should consider document scanning and cloud hosting services?

    Any organisations that manage paper or digital documents can benefit from Storetec’s document management services. This includes but is not limited to: Fire Departments, Police Departments, Emergency Medical Services (EMS), Search and Rescue Teams, Ambulance Services, Animal Control Services, or Emergency Communication Centres (999).

  • Why should emergency service organisations consider document scanning and cloud hosting services?

    Document scanning and cloud hosting enhances operational efficiency, streamlines administrative tasks, reduces administrative burdens, and maintains data security and compliance. It enables rapid access to critical documents, contributing to faster response times, and better decision-making.

  • Is document scanning and cloud hosting suitable for small-scale emergency service organisations?

    Yes, document scanning and cloud hosting can be tailored to fit the specific needs and budgets of small-scale emergency service organisations. They can benefit from digitising and organising their documents just as much as larger organisations. Our solutions are also scalable so that they can grow with you.

  • How does cloud hosting ensure data security?

    Document management systems, like MDI Cloud, implement robust access controls, encryption, and audit trails to protect sensitive information. They also facilitate compliance with regulatory requirements, ensuring data security.

  • What types of emergency service documents should be scanned?

    Continuous investment in the latest software and scanning equipment means we can scan any type of document, including incident reports, medical records, training manuals, arrest records, investigation files, evidence records, criminal records, court documents, policies, and procedures.

  • How can cloud hosting improve collaboration within emergency service organisations?

    Cloud-based document management systems facilitate collaborative document access and sharing among employees, departments, and stakeholders, enhancing teamwork and productivity.

    MDI Cloud tracks document versions, allowing users to see changes, revert to previous versions, and prevent conflicting edits, and offers in-system messaging. Workflows can be set up to automate the approval process, seamlessly routing documents to the appropriate personnel for review and approval, ensuring a smooth and timely exchange of information.

  • Is data recovery ensured in the event of unexpected incidents or disasters with cloud hosting?

    Yes, cloud-based backups and disaster recovery plans are in place to ensure data recovery and minimal downtime in emergencies. Snapshots of MDI Cloud data are taken every 4 hours with 168 iterations of backups kept, and it is penetration tested by independent cyber security parties on an annual basis. Automatic failover and recovery are in place to guarantee the system is live 99.99% of the time.