9,100 s/ft state-of-the-art scanning bureau. Named best scanning company of the year at the Document Manager Awards for nine years.



Combining the latest equipment and software to ensure ultimate accuracy and definition, we lead the way in bulk and custom digitisation practices.

We use the latest technologies and processes
Since our launch in 2003, we have been consistently investing in technologies, hardware and processes to ensure the best possible outcome for our clients.

Working with industry-leading, innovative providers, we bring our clients the latest technology and processes. This commitment to innovation empowers us to deliver solutions that often exceed our client’s needs.

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Specialist equipment would be nothing without a highly skilled team operating it
  • 29 specialist scanning operatives spanning all media formats and document types
  • 3 production team leaders, working with clients and teams to ensure the most cost effective and highly specific solutions are delivered
  • 1 production planner enabling us to accurately schedule your jobs to allow you to plan internal timelines in the change plan
  • Over 20 years of experience, dedicated to innovation, new technologies and an in-depth understanding of the records and needs of our clients
Specialist scan and processing operatives
High volume scanners
Large format scanners
Microfiche scanners
The latest technology

We use the latest technologies from industry-leading providers, ensuring precision and efficiency in document processing.

Enhance the quality of scans

We enhance scan quality with deskew and auto-rotation. Deskew aligns documents for improved readability, while auto-rotation ensures consistent orientation for seamless viewing.

Optimise efficiency

Automatic barcode reading technology allows us to efficiently categorise and manage your documents, ensuring easy retrieval and access when needed.

Increase accuracy

We leverage industry-leading OCR technology in our data entry processes, significantly enhancing indexing accuracy, and improving searchability, making your documents more accessible.


Cutting-Edge Solutions

Storetec utilises the latest technologies, ensuring you receive state-of-the-art solutions.



We have several trusted equipment suppliers, guaranteeing high-quality and consistent services.



Advanced technology, and a reliable team and equipment, lead to efficient and accurate document management.


Tailored Solutions

Storetec customises services to your needs, optimising document handling for your specific requirements.

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