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Supporting the energy sector with efficient and secure document management solutions

Storetec is your trusted partner, offering tailored solutions that enable energy companies to manage documents securely, cost-effectively, and with sustainability in mind.

With expertise in the unique needs of the energy sector, Storetec ensures that your documents are not just digitised and hosted in the cloud but also protected, accessible, and compliant with industry standards and regulations. Our commitment to data security, disaster recovery, and environmental responsibility sets us apart.

Choose Storetec to streamline your document management, enhance data security, and reduce costs. Allowing your energy company to focus on innovation and sustainable growth, and contributing to your success in the dynamic energy industry.


Document Management Expertise
Our experienced team understands the unique challenges in handling energy-related documents. Our expertise ensures accurate and compliant handling of these documents, ensuring reliable and easy access to them when needed.
Data Security and Compliance
Storetec offers ISO 27001-certified document scanning and cloud hosting services, ensuring robust security measures, encryption, and access controls to protect sensitive energy data while adhering to industry-specific regulations.
Certified Services
We hold various certifications, including ISO 27001 for Information Security, ISO 9001 for Quality Management, ISO 22301 for Business Continuity, ISO 14001 for Environmental Management, Cyber Essentials Plus, and BS10008 for Electronic Information’s Legal Admissibility, among others.
Tailored Solutions for Your Needs
We provide customised solutions developed in collaboration with our clients, ensuring relevance to your specific needs. Our team works closely with you to optimise information management policies and procedures and support your organisation’s growth through tailor-made solutions.
Digital Transformation Services
Document Scanning and Archiving
MDI Cloud
Archive Storage


Enhanced Accessibility
MDI Cloud document and content management system ensures efficient and secure access to a wide range of energy sector data. This enables rapid and informed decision-making, and fostering collaboration among employees, regardless of their location.


Cost Savings and Sustainability
Reduce paper reliance, allowing substantial cost savings on storage, printing, and supplies. This eco-friendly approach aligns with the energy sector’s sustainability goals, reducing its environmental footprint. We will even plant a tree in your name for every 10 boxes scanned.


Disaster Recovery
Storetec offers disaster recovery by reducing paper reliance and providing secure digital storage. In case of data loss due to events like natural disasters or hardware failures, cloud-based backups ensure document recovery, minimising downtime, and data loss risks.

Renowned for its powerful search capabilities, MDI Cloud is your key to efficient and secure document management. Whether you need critical engineering data, compliance records, or technical specifications, MDI Cloud guarantees peak efficiency and security throughout your workflow, and streamlines your access to essential information.

MDI Cloud


We digitised and integrated Cadent Gas’ plans into their mapping system via MDI Cloud. This enables them to select a region on their map and access related scanned plans instantly.

“MDI Cloud has given instant access to millions of pages of documents that would otherwise have taken days, if not weeks or months, to find specific information.”
Colin Sawkins
Assurance and Enabling Specialist at Cadent Gas
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why Storetec?

    We pride ourselves on our certified approach, conducting regular audits to meet ISO, BS10008, and Cyber Essentials Plus requirements. Our experienced team, with a solution-focused culture, ensure the best outcomes for our clients. Our state-of-the-art facilities and cutting-edge equipment enable tailored, efficient solutions. These combined have earned us the title of BPO/Outsourcing/Bureau Business of the Year at the Document Manager Awards for the past nine years, showcasing our dedication to excellence.

  • Why should an energy company consider document scanning and cloud hosting services?

    Document scanning and cloud hosting streamline data management, improve accessibility, enhance security, and support compliance with industry regulations.

  • What types of documents can be digitised and managed?

    Continuous investment in the latest software and scanning equipment means virtually any energy-related document can be digitised by us. This includes contracts, engineering drawings, environmental reports, renewable energy records, and compliance records.

  • How secure is cloud hosting for sensitive energy data?

    Storetec adhere to industry-leading security standards, including encryption and access controls, ensuring robust protection for sensitive energy information.

  • Can digitised energy documents be accessed remotely and collaboratively?

    Yes, cloud-based document management systems, like MDI Cloud, enable secure remote access and collaboration among energy professionals, enhancing efficiency, and decision-making.

  • Are there compliance considerations when digitising energy documents?

    Yes, it’s crucial to ensure that your supplier is BS10008-certified so digitised documents meet legal admissibility standards to maintain their legal validity. Consideration should also be given to cyber security standards for the supplier handling your sensitive data such as Cyber Essentials Plus and ISO27001.

  • How can cloud hosting support sustainability in the energy sector?

    By reducing paper usage, cloud hosting aligns with sustainability goals, helping to minimise the environmental footprint of energy companies. Storetec partners with The Future Forest Company, meaning that for every 10 boxes of documents we scan, we will plant a tree in your name. You’ll receive a certificate with the sapling type and the what3words location.

  • How can cloud hosting improve collaboration in the energy sector?

    Cloud-based document management systems facilitate collaborative document access and sharing among employees, departments, and stakeholders, enhancing teamwork and productivity. MDI Cloud tracks document versions, allowing users to see changes, revert to previous versions, and prevent conflicting edits, and offers in-system messaging. Workflows can be set up to automate the approval process, seamlessly routing documents to the appropriate personnel for review and approval, ensuring a smooth and timely exchange of information.

  • Is data recovery ensured in the event of unexpected incidents or disasters with cloud hosting?

    Yes, cloud-based backups and disaster recovery plans are in place to ensure data recovery and minimal downtime in emergencies. Snapshots of MDI Cloud data are taken every 4 hours with 168 iterations of backups kept, and it is penetration tested by independent cyber security parties on an annual basis. Automatic failover and recovery are in place to guarantee the system is live 99.99% of the time.