Digital Mailroom Services

Storetec’s Digital Mailroom Service digitises incoming mail, so you can enjoy real-time access, automated classification, and seamless integration with workflows, enhancing efficiency and reducing manual handling and paper use.



We can set up a dedicated PO box on your behalf, schedule regular collections from your office or storage facility, or receive email attachments to a central inbox, e.g.,, automatically uploading to MDI Cloud.



All mail is manually prepared by hand by our dedicated team of operatives, including separating letters from their envelopes and removing staples, paperclips, or any obstructions that could jam the scanner.




After digitisation, visual classification logic will look at the structure of the mail and decide what it is to be classified as, or OCR technology is applied to look for keywords in the mail to determine the appropriate workflow for each item.



Your information is stored in our cloud-based document management system, MDI Cloud, which can only be accessed by authorised users, managed by your designated super-users. Alternatively, the data can be securely transferred back to you

Benefits of Outsourcing Digital Mailrooms
Efficient Process

A digital mailroom streamlines your mail process by automating data extraction and routing tasks, resulting in faster turnaround times, as opposed to the time-consuming process of manual handling.

Remote Working

Employees are free to work remotely whilst we handle all your mail, making it accessible from remote working locations, while remaining secure and protected against data breaches.

Reduced Costs

Without the need for a physical mailroom and employees to run it, operational cost savings can be made immediately by outsourcing your mail process.

Enhanced Visibility

Review mail entering the business in real time. Tracking features allow you to monitor the flow of documents, providing an audit trail of who accessed or modified each document and when.

Greater Accessibility

Mail is processed immediately upon receipt, and digital copies are available within the same business day, improving overall workflow and decision-making processes, ensuring continuity of operations.

Security and Compliance

Digital mail can be encrypted and access controlled to protect sensitive information. MDI Cloud can facilitate compliance with data protection regulations and document retention policies.

Data Capture Technology
Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

OCR is the recognition of printed or written text characters by a computer. OCR engines will break down any potential letter shapes, character-by-character, analyse the electronic image, and then translate the character image into text characters. The result is a string of characters and spaces, matched from the database of different font characters held within the OCR software.

Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR)

ICR is a more advanced form of OCR and can involve multiple OCR engines providing a higher level of accuracy. It can also be used to capture some handwritten information, especially on forms where the location, size and format of information can be restricted. ICR is also used in reading barcodes such as QR codes and is used in systems which employ artificial intelligence or machine learning.

Optical Mark Recognition (OMR)

OMR automates data capture from human-marked documents, like surveys and tests, by reading marks made in predefined areas. It’s widely used for efficient data collection.

Frequently Asked Questions
The perfect digital mail management solution
Looking for a secure place to manage your scanned mail?

MDI Cloud document and content management system offers the perfect solution to handling your digital / digitised mail. The built-in workflow capabilities, alongside the robust security and backup mechanisms, provide an all-in-one solution to accessing and processing your mail whilst always ensuring security and integrity of your data. Storetec can also facilitate upload or import into any other third-party system, ensuring that your digitised mail and associated metadata can be incorporated into any existing corporate system that your business is running.

  • End-to-end encryption
  • Permission controls
  • Cyber security penetration testing
  • E-Signature integration
  • Workflow automation capability
MDI Cloud
We believe our awards are a testament to the quality services we provide our clients.

Over the years we’ve been nominated for and won numerous awards at the annual Document Manager Awards Ceremony including BPO/Outsourcing/Bureau Business of the Year for nine years, and Storage Product of the Year in 2023.

Across the UK
PO Box Management

We can set up and manage a dedicated PO box for your organisation. This ensures that post from your suppliers, customers and associates will be redirected to Storetec, enabling faster, more efficient digital mailroom operations.