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MDI Cloud strips back the complexities usually faced when transitioning from paper to digital processes, or when moving between digital platforms, and offers a clear path to enhancing your content and document management processes. It’s designed with the user in mind, ensuring that you spend less time on setup and more time doing what you do best. 

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MDI Cloud
Find what you need instantly

Stay organised with cloud storage and advanced search. Locate keywords or phrases across digital or handwritten text.

Keep it confidential

Robust access controls, and retention management, support your commitment to data privacy and security.

Adapt and scale with ease

Pick the functionality you need. Start with the essentials and scale as you grow. Solid quality, without the steep price tag.

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From hours to minutes...
A job that would probably take 3 or 4 hours to dig out all the records now takes 2 minutes.
Ben Parry, Operations Director Tootbus UK


Tackling Mixed Document Management Challenges

Juggling physical storage and digital platforms can lead to fragmented processes, decreased productivity, and heightened risks in data security and compliance.

MDI Cloud transitions your organisation from mixed document and content management to a secure digital space.

The Traditional Approach: Offsite Storage & On-Premise Solutions

  • Manual processes: Finding the right document takes hours or days.
  • Excessive retention and costs: Storing documents for longer than necessary, incurring needless expenses.
  • Growing storage fees: Costs escalate as your physical storage fees increase annually.

The Common Digital Misstep: Intranet and Business Systems

  • Lack of intuitive structure: Without proper setup, these systems can become as cluttered and confusing as a paper filing cabinet.
  • Continued data disarray: Critical documents remain buried under layers of unstructured data, making retrieval a time-consuming ordeal.

MDI Cloud simplifies complex processes and promotes responsible data management

MDI Cloud is built on a simple premise: our expert developers do the heavy lifting, so you don't have to. All the technical complexities are handled behind the scenes, allowing you to simply log in and get started.
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Cloud Storage & Collaboration

Transform how you work today

Simplicity at its core: Easy to set up, easy to use. Get up and running without disrupting your day-to-day operations.

Collaboration made easy: Share, edit, and manage content collaboratively across your team in a secure environment.

Compliance & Security

Your information, securely managed and compliant

Tailored Access Controls: Keep your documents safe with customisable access settings that fit your organisation’s needs.

Compliance without complication: Automated retention, redaction, and straightforward version control make compliance a breeze.

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gif of the ai assistant feature in mdi cloud

AI Assisted Insights

Automated intelligence. Immediate document clarity

AI Assistant: Quick document analysis and smart insights. Summarising documents in seconds.

AI-Assisted Redaction: Sensitive information is identified and concealed, ensuring only what needs to be seen is seen.

“Probably the best at what they do in this space in the country…The document retrievability was very good”

Luke Daley, Siemens

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How MDI Cloud can help you

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