Improving Security and Compliance For St John Ambulance

Document Scanning & MDI Cloud

We are extremely pleased with Storetec’s solution for managing our sensitive medical information. Their diligence, secure processes, and commitment to compliance have provided us with peace of mind, knowing that patient confidentiality is maintained at all times. I have been particularly impressed by the level of responsiveness, adaptability, and reliability of those who manage our relationship. I highly recommend Storetec for their exceptional service and expertise in document management.

James Mcnulty-Ackroyd, Head of Clinical Delivery

The Client

St John Ambulance is a renowned organisation dedicated to providing first aid, medical care, and support services in emergencies and at events across the UK. With a commitment to excellence in healthcare provision, St John Ambulance sought a solution to efficiently manage sensitive medical information securely and in compliance with data protection regulations.


Client Requirement

St John Ambulance required a comprehensive solution for the scanning, capture, and hosting of patient report forms (PRFs) containing sensitive medical information. St John wanted to further safeguard their patient data by ensuring they remained compliant with GDPR regulations and the guidance in the Health and Social Care Act 2008. The organisation needed a secure and compliant system to streamline document management while ensuring the highest standards of data security.


Why They Chose Storetec

Storetec stood out to St John Ambulance due to its reputation for diligence, secure processes, and compliance with data protection regulations. The organisation valued Storetec’s commitment to data security measures and its ability to provide a secure interim solution for managing sensitive documents. Additionally, Storetec offered excellent value for money, making it the ideal choice for St John Ambulance’s requirements.


What We Did

Storetec implemented a tailored solution for St John Ambulance, focusing on the secure scanning, capture, and hosting of patient report forms. The process involved the collection of forms from multiple sites across the country, with regular collections via Storetec’s internal logistics team, to ensure timely processing and the risk-free transit of their confidential documents. Each form was assigned a unique ID, and different data capture rules were applied based on the form type to ensure accuracy and consistency.

The implementation of Storetec’s MDI Cloud document and content management system facilitated ongoing access to the captured data from any location and simplified the process of searching for specific information for authorised personnel. With UK-based servers, penetration testing, data encryption, and access controls, MDI Cloud was the perfect option for optimal security. Integration with St John Ambulance’s new specialist healthcare software was seamlessly achieved, enabling efficient sharing of information and seamless accessibility.



The implementation of Storetec’s solution brought significant benefits to St John Ambulance. By digitising and securely hosting sensitive medical information, the organisation improved the sharing of information among authorised personnel while ensuring the highest standards of data security and compliance with GDPR regulations. The streamlined document management process enhanced accessibility and efficiency, enabling St John Ambulance to deliver timely and effective healthcare services to those in need.

Additionally, the digitisation of PRFs has allowed SJA a greater ability to analyse and audit the care given by their clinicians. This in turn informs the case for the development of training and procedures to ensure that patient care is always being improved upon as a learning organisation.