How Book Scanning Enabled the Efficient Retrieval of Houlder’s Critical Information

Book Scanning

We are extremely satisfied with the digitisation services provided by Storetec. Their attention to detail and commitment to quality ensured the successful completion of our project. The digitised manual has transformed the way we work, allowing our team members to access essential information instantly, regardless of their location.

Justine Sunderland, Office Manager

The Client

Houlder is a prominent engineering firm specialising in maritime solutions, providing innovative engineering services to the maritime industry. With a focus on efficiency and accessibility, Houlder sought to digitise a critical, old reference manual to streamline access and enhance collaboration among its team members.


Client Requirement

Houlder required the digitisation of a substantial technical manual to make it accessible online for their team members. The manual spanned 18 x 25 cm dimensions, with approximately 500 pages. The desired specifications included 200dpi resolution, searchable text, and black and white images for optimal readability, and the original manual was to be kept intact.


What We Did

Storetec carefully scanned and digitised Houlder’s manual. Utilising advanced book scanning technology and quality control measures, we ensured accurate reproduction of the manual’s contents, including text and images, as well as keep the integrity of the original document. Additionally, we implemented OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology to make the document searchable, enabling efficient retrieval of information.



The digitisation of the manual brought significant benefits to Houlder. By making the manual available online, team members gained immediate access to critical information without the need to physically retrieve the manual from an office or storage location. This streamlined access, and facilitated collaboration and decision-making, leading to improved efficiency and productivity in project execution and management.