Storetec’s MDI Cloud: Elevating Document Management and Compliance for ITP Aero

Document Scanning & MDI Cloud

Storetec’s MDI Cloud system provided a perfect fit for our document management needs at ITP Aero. Their flexibility, strong data security measures, commitment to ESG, and cost-effective solutions made them an excellent partner. We highly recommend Storetec for anyone seeking efficient document management and compliance solutions.

Paul Wood, Quality Business Improvement Leader

The Client

ITP Aero is a global company with a strong presence in the aerospace sector. Headquartered in Spain with multiple locations based in the UK, they have established themselves as a trusted partner for both commercial and military aircraft manufacturers. Their core areas of specialisation include aero engines, aerostructures, and industrial and defense turbines.


Client Requirement

ITP Aero had a requirement for scanning and digital storage of their delivery notes and batch cards, as well as their engineering documents that have a significant retention requirement. However, the unique challenge with the documents was their handwritten nature. Operators fill in the proforma’s by hand and attach them to the batch card. While scanning, these handwritten elements posed a challenge as if they got separated before scanning, traditional OCR (Optical Character Recognition) methods failed to interpret handwritten text, hindering searchability within the document management system and missing data sets.

They required a high specification electronic document management system with servers located in the UK due to export control and dual regulation, ensuring data was not held outside the UK. The provider needed to be flexible in accommodating varying quantities of scanned documents each month.

ITP Aero wanted the ability to ingest documents from their own server into the document management system to merge them with the scanned documents. They needed to share applicable non-restrictive data across their organisation, including their Spanish entity, and the security of their sensitive data was a top priority.


Why ITP Aero Chose Storetec

ITP Aero selected Storetec for several reasons:

Storetec’s document and content management system MDI Cloud is hosted on AWS’s UK-based servers, which aligned perfectly with ITP Aero’s regulatory requirements, guaranteeing compliance with data protection regulations. All data is encrypted at rest providing a further layer of security. Storetec have also provided a flexible approach for ITP Aero in accommodating varying document volumes each month without imposing a minimum order value.

The ability to upload existing electronic documents into MDI Cloud assured ITP Aero of a seamless document consolidation process. Recognising data security as a paramount concern, Storetec showed a commitment to data security, demonstrated through ISO 27001, ISO 22301, and Cyber Essentials Plus certifications.

MDI Cloud offered a secure platform for sharing data across ITP Aero’s organisation, including their Spanish entity, ensuring that only authorised and applicable non-restrictive data was shared securely.


Services Provided by Storetec

Storetec implemented monthly scanning and collections services to accommodate varying document volumes. To address the handwritten documents challenge, Storetec introduced advanced handwritten OCR technology, specifically tailored to interpret handwritten text. This innovative solution mitigated a significant risk for ITP Aero, ensuring that crucial information contained within handwritten sections could be accurately extracted and searched within the document management system and aided in the identification of missing data sets.

Scanned images, as well as their existing electronic documents, were uploaded into Storetec’s proprietary document and content management system, MDI Cloud, which is hosted on a UK-based server, for secure access. As data security was paramount for ITP Aero, Storetec implemented restrictive access based on file types, enhancing data security and ensuring that sensitive data can only be accessed by authorised personnel.

Storetec also established a separate MDI Cloud instance using Storetec’s European data centre to serve the Spanish entity. MDI Cloud’s translation tool allows ITP Aero to facilitate the swift translation of documents directly in the system.


Benefits and Impact

The implementation of Storetec’s solutions brought significant benefits to ITP Aero.

Enhanced Remote Working

ITP Aero gained the flexibility for remote working, improving operational adaptability.

Robust Data Security

MDI Cloud uses robust security measures such as encryption of data in transit and at rest, and access controls based on file types to safeguard ITP Aero’s data.

Compliance Assurance

Utilisation of a UK-based server ensured compliance with export control and data regulations, mitigating potential risks. MDI Cloud also allows for easier retention management, further enhancing compliance practices. Storetec’s implementation of new OCR technology for all uploaded documents, including handwritten text, mitigated risks associated with identifying missing data sets, mitigating a compliance risk for ITP Aero.

Efficient Version Control

Version control features were introduced, simplifying document revisions and ensuring accuracy.

Seamless Translation

Within MDI Cloud, Storetec facilitated seamless translation between English and Spanish using MDI Cloud’s translator, facilitating cross-organisation data sharing.

Cost Saving

The project resulted in cost savings by reducing the need for physical document storage, optimising space utilisation, and not having to pay a minimum order value when the volumes fluctuate.

Environmental Impact

In alignment with the aerospace industry’s ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) policies, Storetec initiated an environmental sustainability initiative. For every 10 boxes of documents scanned, Storetec pledged to plant a tree, contributing to reforestation efforts and carbon offsetting. This initiative not only demonstrates Storetec’s commitment to the environment but also aligns with ITP Aero’s values and sustainability goals.