Unlocking Untapped Revenue with MDI Cloud for ITP Aero

Document Scanning & MDI Cloud

The Client

ITP Aero, a leading aerospace company, faced a significant challenge in selling scrap products due to the time-consuming process of locating original certifications. With vital certificates buried in years-old boxes, the task was daunting and inefficient. However, MDI Cloud emerged as a transformative solution, enabling ITP Aero to streamline their operations and capitalise on new revenue opportunities.


The Challenge

Without immediate access to certification documents, the company was unable to validate the quality and authenticity of the products, hindering their sales efforts. Years of accumulated paperwork compounded the challenge, making it increasingly difficult to extract essential information efficiently.


Services Provided by Storetec

Storetec offered a solution by digitising ITP Aero’s paperwork and providing easy access to important documents in MDI Cloud. By digitising their extensive archives and implementing MDI Cloud’s advanced search capabilities, ITP Aero gained instantaneous access to critical certification documents. This enabled them to swiftly validate the quality of products and expedite the sales process.


Benefits and Impact

The impact of MDI Cloud on ITP Aero’s operations was profound and immediate. By harnessing the power of MDI Cloud, ITP Aero can now swiftly locate certification documents. This newfound efficiency enabled ITP Aero to unlock previously untapped revenue streams, with a staggering amount of revenue generated in just five minutes of utilising MDI Cloud. The rapid return on investment not only covered the cost of MDI Cloud but also offset scanning expenses and more, highlighting the remarkable cost efficiency of the solution, and the significant impact on EBITDA.