How Data Discovery Enhanced GWCT’s Wildlife and Habitat Management

Document Scanning & MDI Cloud

We are incredibly grateful for the exceptional service provided by Storetec. Their professionalism and dedication to quality made our document discovery project a success. With the assistance of MDI Cloud’s AI assistant, we have been able to transform our research capabilities and make significant strides in our conservation efforts.


The Client

The Game & Wildlife Conservation Trust (GWCT) is a leading UK charity dedicated to researching and promoting the sustainable conservation of wildlife and game habitats. With a focus on understanding the changes in the environment, weather patterns, and habitat dynamics, GWCT plays a crucial role in monitoring and managing the delicate balance of ecosystems. Technology now plays a big part in wildlife conservation and one of the GWCT’s strategic goals for 2024 is to use technology to release human capacity.


Client Requirements

GWCT approached Storetec with a substantial data discovery project. Conservation records often remain undigitised and unsearchable. As part of their efforts to improve access to conservation documentation, GWCT embarked on a project to transform paper conservation records spanning many decades into linked data. The primary goal was to digitise and OCR a vast amount of documents to facilitate their research initiatives. Their requirements included scanning various publications, such as weather reports and booklets, to track changes in the environment, wildlife breeding patterns, and sightings of different species.


Why GWCT Chose Storetec

GWCT selected Storetec as their scanning partner due to our reputation for quality and reliability in document management services. With our expertise in document scanning, AI, and innovative document management solutions, GWCT trusted Storetec to handle their sensitive and extensive document archive with care and precision, and provide innovative solutions to improve efficiency.


Services Provided by Storetec

Storetec started by scanning and digitising GWCT’s extensive collection of weather reports, booklets, and other relevant publications. The archive needed to be kept intact so Storetec utilised their book scanning equipment to keep the integrity of the collections. The archive was uploaded into Storetec’s proprietary document and content management system MDI Cloud, where by leveraging advanced technologies, including the AI assistant module, we streamlined the process of summarising and reporting on research findings, making it easier for GWCT to analyse data and stem meaningful insights.


Benefits and Impact

The collaboration with Storetec brought significant benefits to GWCT. By digitising their documents and leveraging AI-powered tools for data analysis, GWCT gained quicker access to critical information and enhanced their research capabilities. The streamlined process also enabled them to study changes in the environment, weather patterns, and wildlife habitats more efficiently, leading to more informed conservation efforts.