7 Benefits of a Document Management System (MDI Cloud Features)

September 19, 2023

Do your team have the right technology they need to work effectively? With many teams working remotely, having access to essential documentation at all times is vital for productivity.

1. Support Remote Working

There are many benefits of document management systems to businesses that utilise remote working. Operating on the Amazon AWS cloud infrastructure, FreeDocs facilitates secure access from any location, at any time. This gives workers instant access to information that could otherwise take valuable time and resources to locate and access. Furthermore, FreeDocs’ concurrent licensing facilitates effective collaboration, allowing teams to access the same information simultaneously from their individual remote locations. Collaboration features, such as version control, enhance teamwork even when team members are not physically present in the same office.

2. Reinforced Security

Document security is a paramount concern for businesses when handling sensitive information. FreeDocs prioritises document security by offering a secure digital repository. Digital documents are inherently more secure than physical ones, reducing the risk of misplacement or unauthorised access. The system’s access controls allow organisations to limit document access to key personnel, ensuring that confidential information, such as employee files and financial data, remains protected. Detailed audit trails provide a clear record of document access, showing who accessed what information, when, and what actions were taken, enhancing document security and accountability.

3. Convenient Search Capabilities

FreeDocs has vast search capabilities which means employees can access documents quicker than ever before. FreeDocs has the capability of searching through millions of records in under 5 seconds, employee productivity is significantly improved, as they can use their time more efficiently.

4. Enables Easy Compliance

With the ability to apply advanced indexing fields to your documents, you can run custom reports to identify records that are due for evaluation. Applying document types with fixed retention periods can automate the process, ensuring data is automatically deleted after the specified retention period, and reducing the risk of non-compliance with GDPR’s data retention requirements. Additionally, digital document management systems allow for automated backup procedures and disaster recovery plans, increasing data resilience and compliance with GDPR’s security requirements.

5. Scalability

As businesses expand and accumulate more documents and users, scalability becomes crucial. FreeDocs is designed to grow with your organisations. The system can easily accommodate an increasing volume of documents and users without causing disruptions to your workflow. Additional storage, user licences, and features can be seamlessly added to meet your evolving document management needs.

6. Cost-Saving

Transitioning to a digital document management system like FreeDocs offers tangible cost-saving benefits. By reducing reliance on physical paper and associated costs like printing, storage, and document retrieval, organisations can significantly cut operational expenses.

Streamlined document workflows and improved efficiency result in time savings, allowing employees to focus on more value-added tasks.

7. Boosts Staff Productivity

FreeDocs empowers employees to work more productively. The system streamlines document-related processes, automated repetitive tasks, and minimises manual document handling. With everyone having access to the latest versions of documents, errors and redundancies are reduced, enhancing overall productivity.

The powerful search capabilities, with the ability to search through millions of records in seconds, enable employees to find documents quickly, allowing them to use their time more efficiently on important tasks.

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