How We Digitally Transformed a UK Stockbroker to Save Space


In the past years, we have accumulated a vast quantity of documents that have to be kept for regulatory purposes. We decided that the only sensible way forward was to move over to scanned documents thus releasing valuable office space. We looked at several different providers of document scanning and chose Storetec – we haven’t looked back. We have found all Storetec’s staff helpful and professional and we would have no hesitation in recommending them.


The Client

The client is a UK stockbroker and financial services provider, listed on the London Stock Exchange (FTSE SmallCap index).


Client Requirement

The client needed document scanning of their archive with an upload back into its own document management software in the form of PDF or TIFF images with XML metadata (image/control file).


What We Did

First, we had to identify and categorise each different document type. The client had over 30 different document types, each with their own specific characteristics and needs, such as turnaround times, indexing, data capture, OCR, and security. To make sure we met these needs, we gave each document a unique job reference. The physical documents arrived on a daily basis. We prepared and indexed these before starting the document scanning. We converted the documents into TIFF or PDF images and generated the metadata information in an XML format. Then, we made the files available on our SFTP server and imported them into the client’s document management software. The client receives an email to let them know the scanning is completed for each individual document set. They can then view their documents from any one of their UK offices.