How Storetec Helped This Dental Practice Boost Revenue and Efficiency

Medical Records Scanning

We are thrilled with the service provided by Storetec. Any issues that popped up during the digitisation process were promptly addressed by our dedicated account manager, and the communication throughout the project was excellent. Thanks to the freed-up archive room, we can now use the space for revenue-generating purposes, allowing us to scale up our practice without the need to move into a larger facility.

Dental Practitioner

The Client

Our client is one of London’s longest-established surgeries, having opened its doors almost 100 years ago.


Client Requirement

The client faced the challenge of managing an ever-increasing volume of patient records. Their primary goal was to digitise all patient records to free up physical space. The client aimed to utilise the newly available space to accommodate an additional dental chair, ultimately increasing their revenue potential.


What We Did

Storetec offered a comprehensive solution to address the client’s needs. The key services provided included:

Digitisation of Patient Records

Storetec digitised all patient records ensuring the preservation of critical medical data while eliminating the need for physical storage space.

Digitisation of Bite Wings

In addition to patient records, Storetec also digitised bitewing X-rays, enabling quick and efficient access to this essential diagnostic data.



The digitisation of patient records and X-rays had a transformative impact on the client:

Space Optimisation

By eliminating the need for physical storage of paper records, the practice was able to reclaim valuable space within their clinic.

Revenue Generation

The newly available space was utilised to install an additional dental chair, thereby increasing the clinic’s patient capacity. This strategic move is expected to result in a direct boost to revenue potential over time.