IFA Can Now Access Client Files Quicker and Easier

Document Scanning & MDI Cloud

I’ve proved to all that I can obtain my files at the push of a button, rather than trying to find paperwork in the middle of a two-foot pile. The FSA love me because I have a plan in place, and the staff now realise the real benefit of not retaining all that paper in our offices. My thanks once again to you and your team, for your guidance, patience, and vision in taking my business through to the streamlined, paperless organisation required for the 21st century.

Senior Partner

The Client

This Leeds-based Independent Financial Advisor (IFA) gives financial advice to people looking for mortgages, personal investments, or restructuring their finances. They also offer business finance for individuals or companies looking for mortgage deals on investment properties, pubs, restaurants, or hotels.


Client Requirement

Sharing information in the form of client files was proving to be a major challenge for our client. They wanted a quicker, more streamlined way to access and share this information, as well as a safe backup for their files in case of fire or other disasters. They chose our archive scanning and online document hosting services to give them just that.


What We Did

The challenge was to seamlessly move the client from a paper-based system to a digital system, which included collecting the client files outside of normal working hours. We started the collection at 6pm and continued until the last file was safely boxed and removed. We carried out the archive scanning the following morning and completed the job three weeks ahead of schedule. Once we’d finished the archive scanning, we added the images, with index information, to our cloud-based document and content management system, MDI Cloud. To make sure their archive is kept up to date, we collect the client’s files and information every week. Now our client’s advisors have instant access to their files 24/7 and from anywhere in the world.