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FreeDocs, Storetec’s proprietary cloud-based document management system, enables businesses to efficiently retrieve documents using powerful industry leading search tools, redact sensitive information and provides the most robust security and access controls, as well as being hosted on UK-based servers.

Integration with other applications and clients’ own systems as well as strong compliance and audit support to enable collaborative working are some of the many reasons FreeDocs has been recognised with many industry awards.

FreeDocs is a fully customisable system that can be tailored to meet the specific needs of any organisation, whether that be to streamline their document management processes, increase productivity, enhance data security, or meet regulatory requirements.

Unbeatable security

FreeDocs prioritises data security with Two-Factor Authentication, UK-based servers, robust backup systems including live redundancy and snapshot recovery, access controls, and permission management. It undergoes annual penetration testing for added security and guarantees 99.99% uptime through multi-zone hosting and automatic failover.

Search millions of documents in seconds

FreeDocs employs OCR technology for efficient text searches within documents. Our advanced search features, including Multi-Field Search, enable precise searches by various criteria. Plus, FreeDocs ensures lightning-fast indexing of over 300 million images in under 4 seconds, boosting your productivity.

Manage your documents, your way

FreeDocs offers a robust suite of features, including unlimited databases and users, drag-and-drop upload, integrated messaging function, workflow automation, E-Signature integration, watch documents, custom branding, version control, automated retention management, automated file structure generation, document tagging, and more.

Key features of FreeDocs
Decades of industry experience and valuable client feedback has helped us continuously improve FreeDocs
Permission Controls

Manage user permissions in your database to restrict which users can see data within your organisation. Configure custom password policies and reset user credentials.

Retention Management

Easily manage retention periods and remain in compliance with GDPR with the ability to apply retention index fields and automate retention management.

Fully Customisable

Enjoy custom branding and logo integration. As a proprietary system, we work with you to create a tailored solution that aligns perfectly with your requirements.

Microsoft Office Integration

With FreeDocs’ Microsoft Office Uploader tool, you can add documents you are working on directly into FreeDocs.

Workflow Automation

FreeDocs’ workflow automation feature boosts operational efficiency and minimises inaccuracies by automating routine tasks, reduces manual errors, and simplifying processes.

Collaboration Features

FreeDocs offers seamless collaboration with version control, integrated messaging, approval workflows, and E-Signature integration, making it ideal for teams working together or remotely.

Innovative. Powerful. Secure.
Advanced search capabilities
Say goodbye to time-consuming document searches
OCR Search

FreeDocs automatically converts scanned text into editable and searchable content. Use powerful Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology to search for text across your documents.

Multi-Field Search

Allows users to search for specific documents or information using various criteria such as title, document type, date, or custom index fields.

Speed Guaranteed

FreeDocs search can index over 300 million images in less than 4 seconds, making it a valuable asset for businesses with extensive document archives.

Proprietary system

Why choose an independent brand like FreeDocs over a big-name brand?

We take pride in offering a comprehensive suite of document management services, with our proprietary system, FreeDocs, standing out as a testament to the advantages of choosing an independent brand.

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Flexibility and Customisation

Tailored solutions for a seamless fit for your needs

Agility and Scalability

Adapt quickly to your evolving requirements

Personalised Support and Training

Dedicated assistance when you need it

User Feedback

Continuous improvement to features and functionality

We are a trusted organisation.



Storetec has been named BPO/Outsourcing/Bureau Business of the Year for the past nine years, and FreeDocs has been named Storage Product of the Year for 2023.


We are formally certified to various standards including ISO9001, ISO22301, ISO27001, and Cyber Essentials Plus. Therefore, we are regularly audited to maintain our certifications.
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