Digital Transformation: Academic Institutions, Museums & Libraries

What is Digital Transformation in Libraries and Museums?

Digital transformation in libraries and museums involves leveraging digital technologies to modernise, enhance accessibility, and improve user experiences. This included digitisation of physical materials, digital preservation, cloud hosting, data management, and data analytics. Secure handling and book scanning, specialties of Storetec, are essential to protect valuable and sensitive information within these cultural institutions.

Why is Digitisation Important in Libraries and Museums?

Digitisation plays a vital role in libraries and museums for several reasons. First, it ensures the preservation of valuable cultural and historical materials by creating digital copies that can withstand the test of time. Additionally, digitisation vastly enhances accessibility, allowing a global audience to explore digital copies online, breaking down geographical barriers. It facilitates efficient cataloguing and indexing, making it easier for researchers to locate specific items. Storetec’s expertise in document scanning and data management aligns with the crucial aspects of digitisation in libraries and museums, ensuring the preservation and accessibility of your collections.

Book Scanning As Part of the Digitisation Process

Book scanning is a crucial element of the digitisation process for libraries and museums, offering benefits like preservation, enhanced accessibility, improved searchability, and efficient space utilisation. It enables these institutions to safeguard rare and fragile books, provide remote access to a broader audience, and enhance the overall user experience.

Improves Visitor Experience

Improving the visitor experience is a central goal for libraries and museums, and book scanning contributes significantly to this. By offering digital access to collections, institutions can provide visitors with the convenience of exploring materials remotely, enhancing their overall experience.

Preserves Historical or Fragile Books & Artefacts

By scanning and digitising historical or fragile books, institutions can safeguard their valuable and delicate collections from physical wear and tear, ensuring their long-term preservation. Digital copies serve as a secure and accessible backup, reducing the need for handling and exposure of fragile items. This preservation strategy aligns with the mission of libraries and museums to protect and share cultural heritage with current and future generations.


Libraries, museums, and academic institutions are undergoing a transformative journey that focuses on leveraging technologies for preservation,¬†accessibility, and enriched user experiences. Vital to this evolution is book scanning, a process that not only safeguards historical and fragile treasures but also extends accessibility to a global audience. With Storetec’s expertise in secure handling and book scanning, these institutions can ensure¬†that their valuable collections remain preserved and accessible for generations to come. For more information on book scanning services, please contact us today.