Is artificial intelligence the future of document management?

The Impact Of AI On Document Management

The dawn of artificial intelligence has arrived, and businesses globally are exploring how this super computing power can be used to enhance services and bring potential opportunities. Artificial intelligence is even becoming immersed in daily life with touch ID, facial recognition other specially designed features on mobile devices.

Document management systems are used in every business whether it be Dropbox, FreeDocs, or specialist software to suit the needs of the organisation. The normal practice to access documentation is to simply search through files or to use tools such as the OCR search function on FreeDocs to search by keywords and phrases. With AI, individuals will be able to speak to machines as if it were a person and ask for direct access to required documents. This revolution in document management will increase productivity by significantly reducing the time and effort required by staff to simply find and load documentation.

The future of AI will also grant proactive digital assistants. AI will automatically create metadata for each piece of information to intelligently store and manage content, eliminating the need for users to manually categorize their content. With a digital assistant, managers can concentrate on high priority projects whilst saving money on employing assistants to complete similar jobs.

Contracting is another activity which could be vastly improved by AI. Often contracts lack uniformity and are difficult to organise, manage and update. AI software will have the algorithm to automatically extract data and clarify the content of contracts allowing for companies review contracts more rapidly and decrease the potential for disputes.

The rapid growth of information in today’s businesses necessitates the adoption of a smarter, more flexible and dynamic approach to managing information. AI has great promise for creating an intelligent workplace, automating common tasks, optimizing workflows, reducing errors and simplifying work for everyday users. It will be interesting to review the developments of AI in businesses over the coming years.