Microform Scanning Services

Do you have microfiche, microfilm or aperture cards that have information on that you need to access? Your first thought is probably to do it yourself however, this may not be the best decision for you. These readers are not as easily accessible as paper scanners are, as microfiche are very rarely used now. However, many companies still have microfiche with information on from years ago that they need to access now. The price of a reader can far outweigh the actual need for the information. Not to mention, it will require a lot of time to scan them all. This time could be used more effectively on business-critical activities.

Outsourcing the scanning of your microfiche will be beneficial to your company as microfiche are extremely susceptible to heat, humidity, fire and water damage, so must be stored very carefully to preserve them. Just a few scratches could result in the information contained being damaged or lost forever. Therefore, the cost to store these in such specific conditions could far outweigh the cost to get them scanned. With our scanning solution, you can have peace of mind knowing digital backups are safely stored in a cloud-based document management system, such as FreeDocs.

The Microform Scanning Process

  1. We will arrange the collection of your microfiche/aperture cards from your office address via our internal logistics team or a secure courier. Flatpacks and packing services can be provided if required.
  2. All microfiche/aperture cards will be prepared by hand which includes the removal of debris and dust so cards can be digitised as efficiently as possible.
  3. Our experienced scanning operatives will digitise the microfiche/aperture cards in greyscale and at 300dpi resolution as standard, whilst ensuring quality checks are performed.
  4. We will output the scanned records to your preferred output and apply naming conventions.
  5. The scanned documents can be returned to you via secure electronic transfer, an encrypted USB or can be uploaded into our cloud-based document management system, FreeDocs.

Are you still unsure? As an alternative to scanning, we can store your microfiche/aperture cards in specialist climate and humidity monitored storage facilities. Discover more about our storage service here.

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