Secure Document Storage Solution

Manage document retention periods

Do you have documents in your office archive that you no longer need access to, but need to keep for retention purposes? For many businesses, it isn’t feasible to have everything digitised. With Storetec’s record management system i-Trac, you can run reports to identify records in storage that have passed their retention periods and require destruction. This is monitored via indexing fields such as retention dates on the boxes or files.

Save money and space

With your archive in storage, you can utilise your office space better, making more room for documents that you use on a day to day basis, or for social distancing, which is especially important during the current pandemic. Utilising your office space can be extremely cost-effective as rental costs per square metre can be costly, especially in major cities such as London.

Storetec’s storage facilities have been designed with many measures to give the best possible security and protection for your documents. To name a few:

  • Internal and external CCTV
  • Monitored fire and intruder alarms
  • Perimeter fencing
  • Specialist climate control features
  • Live barcode tracking system (i-Trac)
  • Restricted building access controls

Storetec are also regularly audited and accredited to a number of frameworks including ISO 27001 for Information Security and ISO 9001 for Quality Management. We continue to demonstrate highly secure operations and have highly secure operations and have maintained these accreditations for years, so you can be confident that your documents are in safe hands. View more of our certifications here.


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