What is Large Format Scanning: Examples & Industries We Help

November 30, 2023

What is Large Format Scanning?

Large format scanning is the process of digitising oversized documents and drawings, preserving their content in a digital format. Storetec’s expertise in large format scanning extends to a wide range of businesses in many industries. Storetec has state-of-the-art scanners, including renowned brands like Widetek and Verascan, allowing us to scan documents up an impressive 1.2 metres wide. Fun fact: Our Verascan 3650 is the only one in England!

What Kinds of Documents are Considered Large Format?

Storetec’s dedicated scanning operatives possess the skills and technology to handle various large format documents from A3, A2, A1, A0, 2A0, 4A0, including but not limited to:

Seismographs: Large-scale seismic data documents used in geology and oil exploration.

Cardiographs: Oversized medical diagrams for heart monitoring.

Utility Plans: Detailed plans depicting utility infrastructure.

CAD: Computer-aided design drawings used extensively in engineering and architecture.

Construction Plans: Blueprints and designs for construction projects.

Architectural Drawings: Detailed architectural plans for buildings and structures.

Maps: Oversized maps for navigation, cartography, and urban planning.

Mechanical/Engineering Drawings: Complex engineering diagrams.

Storetec’s commitment to quality extends to the scanning process itself. We can digitise large format documents in black and white, colour, or greyscale, and convert them into various digital formats such as JPEG, TIFF, or PDF, depending on your specific requirements.

Uses of Large Format Scanning By Industry

Large format scanning services find applications across various industries, and Storetec has successfully catered to the needs of businesses in different sectors. Some examples of how industries benefit from large format scanning include:

Architecture and Engineering

Digital access to architectural plans, engineering drawings, and CAD files streamlines design processes and collaboration.


Construction companies can efficiently manage blueprints and project documents, reducing clutter and ensuring quick access to critical information.

Oil and Gas

Seismographs and geological maps are vital for exploration and drilling operations, and digitising them enhances data accessibility.


Large format scanning is essential for preserving and accessing oversized medical diagrams, ensuring accurate patient care.

Urban Planning and Government

Maps and utility plans are crucial for urban development, and digitisation simplifies their management and retrieval.

Arts and Museums

Preservation of rare paintings, posters, and drawings is made possible with high-resolution scanning, ensuring the integrity of physical documents.


As the winner of the Best Scanning Bureau of the Year award, Storetec has demonstrated its excellence in large format scanning services. Storetec’s logistics department ensures the safe collection of large format drawings from your office, no matter your location.

Storetec goes the extra mile by providing secure flat pack boxes designed to protect fragile drawings and offering on-site packing services. If you’re considering the digitisation of your large format drawings, visit our Large Format Scanning page. Experience the benefits of having your oversized documents preserved in digital format.

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