Can Apple iOS 11.0 meet document scanning demands?

Apple iOS 11.0 was launched on 19th September 2017 and with it came a host of new features to include: face ID replacing the touch ID as a biometric sensor and portrait lighting to simulate a range of lighting effects. But one of the newest elements is the document scanning feature on the notes section of the iPhone. With the touch of your finger, the iPhone camera will appear asking you to position the document in standard view. Once in sight, the feature will remove surroundings giving you a framed image of your document. Documents can be scanned in greyscale and can be annotated once scanned.

Scanning Documents On Apple iOS Devices

Using electronic devices such as the iPhone or iPad for document scanning isn’t a new feature, in fact, various companies have been offering these services as an app for the past 10 years. Arguably one of the most popular document scanning apps is ‘Adobe Scan’ which has alternative capture and adjustment features as well as the capability of saving documents as a PDF format. Free to download to Apple and Android users, this app certainly does tick the box for many users who are time and price conscientious.

With established apps and the new document scanning iOS 11.0 feature, life couldn’t be easier for users. But my question is how efficient is this app when scanning large quantities of documents? Or how efficient is the app when documents need to be scanned to a quality standard? The feature certainly is useful for one-off scanning needs but is not a productive solution for scanning large quantities of documents. Many credible document scanning companies, such as Storetec, can complete your scanning needs with a fast turnaround at low prices. Not only this, but the use of high-tech equipment such as IBML scanners will ensure quality standards are met.

Apple certainly recognises that document scanning services are essential to users. According to, Apple has a total of 588 million users worldwide and a staggering 1 billion Apple devices are in use! In consideration of this staggering reach, millions of users will now have the ability to scan documents online and understand the significant practicality of this.