5 Digital Transformation Case Studies from Storetec

Document Management vendor compliance

1. How We Digitally Transformed a UK Stockbroker to Save Space

Storetec provided a comprehensive document scanning solution for a leading UK stockbroker, enabling them to digitise vast amounts of paperwork. This transformation freed up valuable office space, allowing for more efficient use of their premises. Additionally, the digital solution ensured that the firm remained compliant with stringent regulatory requirements, maintaining easy access to essential documents. Read more.


2. Facilities Management Firm Innovated with Scan-On-Demand

A facilities management company partnered with Storetec to utilise our scan-on-demand service, significantly improving their document handling processes. This service allowed the firm to offer their clients a secure and convenient way to store, access, and share documents digitally. The implementation led to enhanced customer satisfaction and operational efficiency by reducing physical storage needs and streamlining document retrieval. Read more.


3. Construction Firm’s Digital Transformation with Scan-On-Demand

Storetec’s scan-on-demand service transformed the document management system of a major construction firm. By transitioning to digital document storage, the firm improved its service delivery, offering faster and more reliable access to essential files. This shift not only reduced costs associated with physical storage but also improved overall operational efficiency, enabling better project management and client service. Read more.


4. District Council Reduced Costs with our Microfiche Services

West Lindsey District Council collaborated with Storetec to digitise their extensive microfiche archives. This digital transformation allowed the council to access documents remotely, significantly freeing up physical office space and reducing operational costs. The improved accessibility and reduced reliance on physical storage enhanced the council’s efficiency and service delivery to the public. Read more.


5. How We Transformed Derbyshire Legal Services’ Compliance

Storetec helped Derbyshire Legal Services overhaul their document management system, ensuring full compliance with legal retention policies. Through our services, the legal firm modernised their workflow, significantly enhancing efficiency and reducing the risk of non-compliance. The transformation involved digitising vast amounts of legal documents, making them easily searchable and accessible, thereby streamlining their operations. Read more.


Common Digital Transformation Challenges

Businesses often face hurdles like data migration, system integration, and maintaining compliance during digital transformation. Storetec’s tailored solutions address these challenges, ensuring a seamless transition to digital operations and improving overall efficiency and compliance.


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