GDPR – How scanning HR paper records can ensure your business is compliant

For many organisations, the HR department is the heart of the business. Human resources handle many processes and functions which a business could not operate without. For example: employment law, compliance, record keeping, hiring/training and performance assessments. The retention period for such employee records, is often a minimum of 7 years however certain documentation such as payroll and wage records is advised to be stored permanently. On top of these existing paper documents are new employee records which will continue to amount indefinitely. Storetec provide a range of document management services to help HR departments deal with large influxes of paper including: document scanningscan on demanddocument storage and document destruction.

Holding private information on present and past employees, also means that HR departments must ensure they are meeting data protection laws such as GDPR 2018 (The General Data Protection Regulation). GDPR is due to be enforced on 25th May 2018 and will see significant enhancements to the rights individuals have over their personal information. GDPR also means that organisations must implement record management systems to ensure personal information can be sourced, identified and dealt with accordingly. For organisations with thousands of employees, this may seem like a very daunting task.

Digitising employment records combined with access to Storetec’s secure document management system, FreeDocs, provides HR departments with a host of benefits in addition to data protection compliance. Storetec have specially designed FreeDocs with a GDPR 1.0 add on to suit the needs and requirements of HR departments. The GDPR 1.0 add on allows users to integrate specialist indexing notes on documentation such as review and destruction dates. This means that managers can search for records by destruction or review dates and all appropriate documentation requiring that specific action will appear. Indexing notes can also be applied to specify if the document contains personal information. This tool is extremely useful for managers to actively manage records on a regular basis in a quick and efficient method.

Why choose Storetec?

  • With over 15 years of experience in the document management industry, we have worked with some of the largest, most reputable companies in the UK.
  • Our experienced consultants can advise on the most useful and cost-effective way to manage your documents. Consultations are available free of charge and can be arranged to suit your diary at any office location across the UK.
  • Our scanning operations are regularly audited, and we are accredited to a number of frameworks including ISO 27001 for Information Security and ISO 9001 for Quality Management. We are also part of the ESPO 390 framework if your organisation requires the project to go to tender.
  • We provide clients with the ‘full document management package’. All aspects of our services are completed in house, from the initial uplift and digitisation to secure storage. We can even host your documents on our highly secure cloud-based document management system, FreeDocs.
  • You can be assured that all information held on your business-critical records will remain confidential. All staff have been DBS checked and have signed non-disclosure agreements. We are also accredited to ISO 27001 for Information Security.