How We Transformed This Healthcare Provider’s SARs Process


Client Requirements

Our client, a nationwide specialist healthcare provider with 78 hospitals in the UK, recognised the need to streamline their SARs and overall human resources (HR) document management processes. They sought a solution that would enable them to efficiently access HR documents from one central location and across all their facilities, to improve the SARs process, and ensure efficiency and compliance.

Why They Chose Storetec

The client selected Storetec for their HR scanning needs due to several key factors:

Account Management: Storetec provided a dedicated account manager who ensured that their specific requirements were met and that the project ran smoothly.

Value for Money: They appreciated the cost-effectiveness of Storetec’s solution, which offered excellent value for the services provided.

Communication: Storetec maintained clear and open communication channels throughout the project, which was critical for their satisfaction and successful project implementation.

What Storetec Did

Storetec delivered a high-quality document scanning and management service. Initially, the project focused on the head office, where the HR scanning solution was piloted successfully. Storetec digitised HR documents into searchable digital files, ensuring that each file was named according to the employee’s name and number, simplifying access and retrieval.


Implementing Storetec’s HR scanning solution brought about several significant benefits for the client:

Efficient Access

The HR director gained easy access to HR documents from one central location, eliminating the need for extensive travel to each hospital.

Subject Access Requests

Their HR department became more efficient in responding to subject access requests, ensuring compliance with data protection regulations.


The introduction of digitised HR files led to a new way of working within the organisation, promoting collaboration and information sharing among different hospitals.

Streamlined HR Processes

Their HR department experienced increased efficiency and productivity by eliminating manual paperwork.

“Storetec has truly transformed our HR document management. We now have easy access to all HR files, and the efficiency gains have been remarkable. This change has allowed us to focus more on our core mission of providing quality healthcare to our patients.”

The success of the pilot project at the client’s head office led to a decision to replicate the solution across all 78 hospitals in the UK, further enhancing the organisation’s ability to deliver exceptional healthcare services while maintaining efficient HR operations.”

Senior HR Business Partner