How We Transformed Derbyshire Legal Services’ Compliance


We are delighted with the comprehensive document management solution provided by Storetec. It has not only saved us money on storage costs but also transformed the way we work. We now have easy access to our documents from any location, and efficient retention management ensures we stay compliant with legal requirements. Storetec’s services have made our operations more streamlined and efficient, and we highly recommend their expertise.


The Client

Derbyshire Legal Services is a reputable legal firm based in Derbyshire, UK, specialising in various areas of law. They were faced with a significant challenge related to the storage and management of thousands of legal documents owned by different solicitors.


Client Requirement

Derbyshire Legal Services needed to regain control over their document storage as many files had exceeded their retention dates. Therefore, our primary goal was to catalogue these documents and determine whether they should be retained or securely destroyed.

After a discussion, we decided to digitise documents with longer retention dates, making them easily accessible while ensuring that documents with shorter retention periods were securely stored.

The client was dealing with frequent physical retrievals of documents from storage, which was time-consuming. Storetec proposed a more efficient “Scan-on-Demand” solution to replace physical retrievals.

To test the feasibility and associated costs, a pilot project was initiated, aiming to catalogue 100 boxes.

Instead of ingesting new boxes into storage, the ongoing plan was to scan documents, preventing the accumulation of a large physical archive and simplifying the management of retention dates.


What We Did

Storetec implemented a comprehensive solution for Derbyshire Legal Services. The first step involved cataloguing thousands of legal documents, systematically assessing their retention status. Documents with longer retention periods were scanned and stored digitally using Storetec’s proprietary document and content management system, MDI Cloud. Storetec introduced a Scan-on-Demand service, replacing the need for physical retrievals. Now, the client can access their documents digitally from any location. The pilot project successfully catalogued 100 boxes, providing insights into the feasibility and cost-effectiveness of the solution.

By digitising documents instead of storing physical copies, Derbyshire Legal Services is effectively reducing their archive while ensuring compliance with retention policies.



Enhanced Accessibility

With digitised documents on FreeDocs, Derbyshire Legal Services could access their files from anywhere, instantly improving workflow efficiency.

Effective Retention Management

The solution allowed the client to manage retention periods effortlessly, ensuring compliance with legal requirements.

Streamlined Retrieval

The Scan-on-Demand service eliminated the time-consuming process of physical retrievals, enhancing client satisfaction.