How We Helped This School Securely Access Their HR and Student Records

Document Scanning & MDI Cloud

The service provided by Storetec was straightforward and communicated effectively, addressing any issues promptly. MDI Cloud’s search function stood out as the best among the options we considered. It provided an efficient way to search for and retrieve digitised documents, which was essential for our organisation’s needs.

The option to store files during quality checks was valued. They have exceptional turnaround times for the collection and scanning of documents. Storetec’s expertise and thorough discussions regarding GDPR and data security were highly impressive. We were reassured by their comprehensive approach to safeguarding sensitive data.

Executive Assistant to The Headmaster

The Client

The client is a private school for day and boarding pupils in Ashtead, Surrey.


Client Requirement

The client wanted to scan and digitally store 950 pupil and 100 HR files for ease of access, secure storage and to free up valuable space in the school.


What We Did

The heart of this project involved the digitisation of the paper-based HR and student files, which included many different types of documents including copies of IDs and photographs, and post-it notes. Our team used state-of-the-art scanning equipment to convert these documents into electronic format. After digitisation, came the indexing process. The physical file format was replicated with the digital copies and optical character recognition (OCR) technology was applied, ensuring rapid retrieval and seamless access to critical information. We set retention dates for each document, ensuring compliance with data retention and privacy regulations.

Security was paramount throughout this process so we implemented a robust digital storage solution, MDI Cloud, that adheres to industry standards for data protection. This safeguarded sensitive pupil and HR information, ensuring compliance with data privacy regulations. Here’s how MDI Cloud enhanced their security:

Access Control – Only authorised individuals have access to specific folders and documents. This control ensures that sensitive information is restricted to those who need it for their roles.

Super User Capabilities – To manage system access effectively, super users have elevated permissions to oversee and control user privileges. These super users were responsible for granting and revoking access as needed, further enhancing data security.

Audit Trails – MDI Cloud keeps detailed audit trails for all document interactions. Every access, modification, or deletion is recorded, including the identity of the user and the timestamp. This transparency allows the client to track and investigate any suspicious activities, maintaining the integrity of their data.

To facilitate a seamless transition of their new digital system, we provided training sessions to the client, ensuring they were capable of accessing and utilising the digital files. This step was critical in promoting the implementation of the new system and maximising its benefits.



The implementation of MDI Cloud allowed the client to access files anywhere on-site, freeing staff from the constraints of physical filing cabinets and thereby saving 13 large cabinets worth of valuable office space for more productive purposes. Enhanced security features like controlled access, encryption, and audit trails mitigate the risk of data breaches and unauthorised access. Efficient indexing and automated retention management streamlined document retrieval and ensured compliance with regulations. The digital format reduced the risk of document loss, while increased productivity came from quicker access to information. Moreover, MDI Cloud facilitated easier collaboration among teams, enabling multiple users to work on documents simultaneously.