Facilities Management Firm Innovated with Scan-On-Demand


The Client

The client is a large national facilities management company. They specialise in offering onsite managed services for some of the largest organisations across Europe and North America.


Client Requirement

The client’s customer was moving their offices from central London to Milton Keynes. They wanted to outsource their customer’s archive storage and offer a range of document scanning services to them. After considering many options, they chose our document storage and scan-on-demand services.


What We Did

We handled and completed the initial bulk collection of just over 7,000 storage boxes from the archive within the client’s four-week deadline. First, we put in place a schedule to collect the documents from each department in the central London offices. This was done over weeks to minimise any disruption. We processed the HR and Accounts departments first due to the sheer volume of documents. We also indexed the documents to match the filing system each department is familiar with. So all their files are right where they expect them to be.

After scanning all the documents we added the digital files to ourc cloud-based document and content management system, MDI Cloud, and stored the paper documents in our dedicated facility. Then, we securely shredded and recycled them in line with the customer’s 30-day document retention policy.