Construction Firm’s Digital Transformation with Scan-On-Demand


The removal of the archives from our sites was essential to allow us to rationalise and improve our current facilities. With Storetec, we found a partner who offered a flexible approach to managing our box storage issues. Our project files are essential documents that have to be kept for 25 years after a project is completed and these form the bulk of our archive storage. These documents may never be looked at again, but if they are, we need to access them quickly and now get it. The scan-on-demand service was a great fit for us from both an operational and budgetary point of view.


The Client

The client is a nationwide construction company that offers a range of services from initial inception, design, and build, through to project completion.


Client Requirement

The client had 20,000+ archive boxes from eight regional offices and the main central store. They needed a quicker, easier way to access this documentation.


What We Did

We agreed on a schedule of bulk collections from all the locations and ensured the client’s box numbering system was included within our internal box tracking software. The archive storage and document scanning included all departments within the organisation – from HR to contracts. The challenge with this project was to coordinate the collection, receipt, and cataloguing of the boxes to allow for the scan-on-demand service to take place.

We monitored the first 20 retrievals to see the average time the scan-on-demand process took. We guarantee 4 working hours and were pleased when the average came back at 2 hours 23 minutes with no retrieval taking longer than 3 hours 18 minutes.

With our scan-on-demand service in place, our client now enjoys low-cost archive storage and document scanning of only the files they need.