Online Hosting Helps Food Manufacturer Get Paid On Time

Document Scanning & MDI Cloud

The lack of a proof of delivery document is no longer an excuse for late invoice payments. The scanned copy can be instantly emailed to the supermarket’s accounts department from the online document management system.


The Client

Our client is a leading food manufacturer. They produce and distribute sandwiches and lunchtime snacks to major supermarkets and retailers across the UK.


Client Requirement

Because of the perishable nature of their products, our client has to distribute their stock to over a thousand stores every day. This leads to a huge amount of connected paperwork, including the vital proof of delivery documents. Without copies of the proof of delivery documents, the customer will refuse to pay the invoice. So our client needed to have a better way to prevent late invoice payments from happening in this way. They chose Storetec to carry out document scanning of their delivery notes and data capture on particular index fields as an ongoing monthly service.


What We Did

We handled all the logistics for collecting the initial archive. Then, we set up an ongoing monthly collection schedule. We captured the index fields using the latest intelligent character recognition (ICR) technology. Once we’ve scanned the signed delivery notes, we upload them to our cloud-based document and content management system, MDI Cloud. We then securely shred and recycle paper documents after 30 days in line with our client’s document retention system. The automated capture of thousands of characters of metadata from the delivery notes means our client can access, print, and send their digital documents in seconds, directly from MDI Cloud. So, they save a huge number of hours each week.