CIPD Exhibition 2019

We’re frequently asked by HR departments; do I need a digital archive of employee records? With documents such as employee contracts, wage slips and appraisal forms containing confidential and personal information subject to GDPR, it is critical such records are stored in secure environment. Scanned documents can be protected behind data and password encryptions, user restrictions and audit trails.

To spread the word about the importance of security for HR documentation, this year we decided to exhibit at the CIPD Conference.

The CIPD Exhibition is one of the UK’s biggest HR events of the year. With over 5000 attendees and 180 exhibitors, the conference offers a fantastic networking opportunity for businesses to collaborate on new and exciting solutions in the HR world.

Positioned near the seemingly appropriate Technology & Innovation area, we had the opportunity to speak with numerous HR managers and directors over the 2-day event. It was interesting to discover that the majority of modern organisations had began digitising new employee records but lagged behind when it came to archived leaver files. That’s where Storetec comes in.

We are now commencing further discussions with several multinational corporations on their archiving solution and our future business relationship. The 2019 CIPD Conference proved to be a fantastic success for the Storetec team and we’re looking forward to exhibiting again for a second year running.