How Much Does Document Scanning Cost?

April 24, 2019

Many businesses are beginning to understand the benefits of transitioning to a digital archive, but for those organisations who already have thousands of paper documents, starting such a scanning project can seem somewhat daunting!

Recognising the need to scan their documents, some businesses may consider arranging an in-house scanning operation. But what hidden costs does this create for the company? Firstly, the business will need to employ a member of staff or team to prepare, scan and index the documents. Without a strategic ‘assembly line’ approach that Storetec adopts, the timescale for in-house operations can quickly spiral out of control. In-house operations also see frequent mistakes such as poor quality images, scanning wrong documents together and applying wrong indexing fields to scanned images; all of which could create unexpected, indirect costs to the business in the future.

Over the years we’ve spoken to hundreds of companies who have commenced internal scanning operations, recognised the drain on staff labour/resources, and sought Storetec’s outsourced document scanning solution.

How do you calculate prices?

Using our industry experience and knowledge, we’re always happy to provide clients with approximate document scanning prices. To help our team price up your scanning project as accurately as possible, upon your initial enquiry we may ask you a number of questions:

  • Roughly how many documents do you have? This can be an approximate number of archive boxes, lever arch folders, filing cabinets, pallets etc.
  • What size are the documents? For example, do you have standard A4 pages, receipts or large format drawings (A2-A0)?
  • Do you require the documents to be scanned in B&W or colour?
  • Are the documents double-sided?
  • How are the documents currently filed? How would you like us to index the scanned documentation?

If you’re unsure of the size of your paper archive, we’re more than happy to arrange for one of our consultants to visit your office or external storage unit, and complete a quick audit of the records. With the opportunity to review the paper archive and discuss your requirements and expectations, we can create an accurate, competitive quotation of the average cost. If you would like a free consultation, contact us today.

What is the average cost of document scanning?

Upon their initial enquiry, many clients request a scanning price list, but honestly, there is no defined pricing list available. The truth is, is that without reviewing every single page within an archive, estimating a fixed cost is impossible!

At Storetec, we always aim to be 100% transparent with our clients about pricing/cost. We will use realistic estimations of the number of images within your archive and the associated manual handling and image preparation hours required. We work on a cost-per-image basis, not a cost per page. An image is one side of a sheet of paper, so if the content is double-sided, it will be two images.

Whether you’re simply pondering the idea of scanning your paper documents or seriously considering transitioning to a digital archive, contact Storetec today for free advice and guidance.

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