How Do I Manage and Add to Records When Working from Home?

With many businesses downsizing their office space requirements and sending many employees to work from home instead due to the energy crisis, how to manage office records from a completely different location is a question many people have been asking. It is impractical to have to travel into the office to access a record while remote working. Digitisation is the solution.

But how can I digitise easily?

The cloud offers versatility and accessibility to remote workers as users do not need to log in through a virtual private network (VPN) to collaborate. Operating on Amazon AWS cloud infrastructure, FreeDocs Storetec’s cloud-based document management system, facilitates secure access from any location, at any time. This gives workers instant access to information that could otherwise take valuable time to visit the office to locate and access. Furthermore, FreeDocs’ concurrent licensing structure facilitates effective collaboration, allowing teams to access the same information simultaneously from their individual remote locations.

With FreeDocs’ new MS Office Uploader, you can also add documents you are working on directly into FreeDocs. Just download the free add-in from the Microsoft Office add-ins store, log in to FreeDocs, and click upload. A copy of the selected file will be added to the database of your choice immediately, all from your chosen Office product.

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