How to Choose the Right Dental Record Scanning Company: A B2B Guide

Efficient and secure document management is crucial for business across industries, and dentistry is no exception. Dental practices generate a wealth of patient records, from dental charts to treatment histories and insurance documents. Handling these records efficiently and securely is essential for providing quality patient care and maintaining regulatory compliance. Therefore, choosing the right dental record scanning company to outsource document scanning services is paramount. In this blog post, we’ll explore why outsourcing document scanning services is important for dental practices and how to select the most suitable company for your dental practice, including considerations such as accreditations and expertise.

What Are the 4 C’s of Record Keeping?

The 4 C’s of record keeping are:

Capture: Efficiently capturing and digitising information is the first step in effective record keeping.

Control: Implementing strict controls and access management to protect sensitive data.

Compliance: Ensuring that record keeping practices adhere to regulatory requirements and industry standards.

Convenience: Making records easily accessible to authorised personnel when needed.

What Is Document Outsourcing?

Document outsourcing involves contracting third-party companies to manage document-related tasks, such as scanning, digitisation, storage, and retrieval. Document outsourcing through companies like Storetec offers a highly efficient solution for managing dental and medical records. In contrast to in-house management, which can be time-consuming and prone to security issues, outsourcing ensures expert scanning and digitisation services, secure clouding hosting with FreeDocs, and swift record retrieval. This approach not only saves costs but also guarantees compliance and streamlines the management of critical healthcare records, making it an ideal choice for healthcare practices seeking efficiency and security in document management.

Why Information System Outsourcing Is Important

Information system outsourcing is crucial for businesses looking to streamline their operations and ensure data security. By trusting specialised providers, dental practices can enhance their data management, access, and security while focusing on patient care.

Why Outsource Document Scanning Services In Dentistry?

Dental practices generate a significant amount of patient records, including dental charts, treatment histories, and insurance information. Handling these records efficiently is crucial for providing quality patient care and maintaining compliance with regulatory requirements. Outsourcing document scanning services allows dental practices to:

Access Your Own Dental Records Easily

Retrieving patient records promptly is vital in the healthcare industry. By outsourcing scanning services, dental practices can quickly access digitised records, improving efficiency and patient care.

Ensure Information Is Recorded Correctly

Proper documentation is essential in dentistry to track patient histories, treatment plans, and insurance details accurately. Outsourcing companies specialise in scanning and indexing documents, reducing the risk of errors in record-keeping.

Why Do Companies Prefer Outsourcing Data Work?

Outsourcing data work, such as document scanning and information management, offers several advantages:


Outsourcing companies specialise in data management, ensuring high accuracy and efficiency.

Resource Optimisation

It allows businesses to allocate resources more effectively, reducing overhead costs.

Security and Compliance

Outsourcing companies follow strict security protocols and compliance standards, safeguarding sensitive information.

Choosing the Right Dental Record Scanning Company

Selecting the appropriate partner for document scanning services involves careful consideration of various factors:

Accreditations and Compliance

Verify if the scanning company holds relevant certifications, such as ISO certifications. These certificates demonstrate a commitment to quality and security.

Expertise and Experience

Assess the company’s experience in managing dental records. Storetec’s extensive experience in managing dental records uniquely positions us to understand and meet the specific requirements of dental practices. Leveraging advanced technologies like OCR (Optical Character┬áRecognition) and intelligent barcode reading, we ensure precise document digitisation and efficient organisation. OCR enhances data extraction for accurate, searchable records, while intelligent barcode reading streamlines record categorisation and retrieval.

Security Protocols

Ensure that the company has robust security measures in place to protect sensitive patient information during the scanning process and throughout storage.

Quality Assurance

Enquire about the company’s quality control processes. Accuracy and completeness of digitised records are essential.


Look for a scanning company that offers tailored solutions to meet your specific requirements. One-size-fits-all approaches may not address the nuances of dental record management.

References and Case Studies

Request references from the scanning company or seek out case studies that showcase their successful projects within the healthcare or dental industry.

Technical Capabilities

Evaluate the technology and equipment used for scanning. State-of-the-art equipment can significantly impact the quality and speed of digitisation.

Data Retrieval Solutions

Consider the ease of accessing digitised records. A reputable scanning company should provide user-friendly retrieval options, like a cloud-based document management system, ensuring quick access when needed.

Testimonials and Reviews

Read testimonials or online reviews from other dental practices that have utilised the scanning company’s services. Their experience can provide valuable insights.


In conclusion, when choosing a dental record scanning company, it’s crucial to consider factors like accreditations, expertise, security measures, and references. This decision is an investment in the seamless operation and compliance of our dental practice. Storetec, with our proven track record, advanced technology, and commitment to quality and compliance, stands out as an ideal partner for enhancing the efficiency, accuracy, and security of patient records. Explore our dental record scanning services. Make the smart choice for your dental record practice by partnering with Storetec today.