NHS Trust Frontline Digitisation Funding: How We Can Help

NHS: Time To Digitalise Record Management

£2.1bn has been reallocated for NHS Frontline Digitisation over the next two years in their digital health and social care plan. This funding is to support electronic patient records to be in all NHS trusts, with a desire to make it possible for trusts to be more agile, encouraging new functionalities that improve the quality, safety and productivity of care.

This includes:

  • Accelerating the roll out of all electronic records
  • Improving cyber security
  • Establishing connectivity across health and social care

Dermot Ryan, NHSX’s Director of Frontline Digitisation, outlined the aims of the programme of Frontline Digitisation as going paper-free, establishing electronic patient records (ERPs), and achieving a broader cultural shift.

If it wasn’t the case before, COVID-19 has shown us that having the right digital and data tools at the NHSs disposal can be as important as having the right medicines.

For many NHS trusts taking part in this programme, their first task is to scan decades worth of patient documentation. The job of digitising these records can seem daunting for the uninitiated, but that is where Storetec comes in.

Following a free comprehensive onsite audit, we are working with many NHS trusts to scan millions of documents to allow them to transition to a digital future in support of the Frontline Digitisation programme and previous NHS initiatives. Delivering a successful digitisation project on time and within budget is critical, especially when central funding is being used. Here Storetec’s 20+ years of experience comes into its own. We know what it takes to succeed, and our numerous awards tell us that our clients appreciate our work on their behalf.

Contact us today if you want more information on how Storetec’s services can benefit your organisation. Get in touch to arrange a free onsite audit at your convenience. We will work with you to review your records and create a project plan to future-proof your information. Storetec removes the hassle and uncertainty from your paperless journey.