Need more office space to social distance?

Make Room In Your Office: Get Rid Of Unnecessary Storage

With life seemingly starting to resume post-COVID-19, businesses are facing the difficulty of ensuring social distancing is maintained within the office. As we know, the latest government guidance is to maintain a minimum of 1 metre distance between individuals (with 2 metres advised). In light of this, it’s time to rethink desk layouts, paper storage and overall efficiency of space.

It may not seem it, but all those filing cabinets, lever arch folders and storage rooms of boxes often take up valuable office space which can be utilised a lot more effectively. Transitioning to an electronic filing system removes the paper problem entirely. Newly available space can be used to add further distance between desks and ensure the health of your employees remains a number one priority. What’s more, with quick, instant access to documentation your organisation will soon recognise valuable savings in terms of cost, time and resources. What about those employees still working remotely? You may ask. By hosting your electronic archive on a cloud-based document management system such as FreeDocs, every employee can benefit from secure, instant access to records no matter where they’re working in the world. With the threat of a second spike of Coronavirus, this also means you can protect your business against loss of earnings by ensuring critical operations can continue from home.

How does the document scanning process work?

  1. We will visit your office to pack all paper documentation into secure archive boxes for transportation, ensuring social distancing measures are maintained. We will then transport the paper archive to our state-of-the-art scanning bureau.
  2. Upon arrival, all boxes are booked onto our internal tracking system and transferred to production where each document is manually prepared for scanning (removal of paperclips, staples etc).
  3. Our experienced technicians will scan your documents in B&W or colour, exporting the digital images to your preferred format (e.g. PDF). Electronic records will also be indexed and structured into an electronic filing cabinet.
  4. Electronic documents are uploaded to the FreeDocs cloud, enabling flexible, remote access and effective document management. Alternatively, you can choose access via SFTP or an encrypted hard-drive.

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