Not benefiting from an online hosting system? You’re missing out!

Online cloud based systems are widely used by a variety of businesses, whether it be your local bakery or conglomerates such as Apple. The likes of companies such as Dropbox have exploded in popularity in recent years and following suit, Storetec launched FreeDocs in 2005. But what are the benefits of using an online hosting system?

The huge benefits of online hosting:

1. Worldwide access, any day, any time

You no longer need to rely on employees bringing important documentation to business meetings, which as we all know, can occasionally be forgotten or misplaced. At the click of a button, you can open your online hosting program to reveal all the paperwork you could ever need! Available 27/7 anywhere in the world.

2. Security

Undoubtedly one of the most valuable benefits of using an online hosting system… you can ensure that confidential information is kept confidential. By delegating super users, only certain staff will have access to confidential documentation. Your confidential files will be protected behind firewalls and secure passwords protection measures. Management can also monitor the flow of information between users ensuring compliance and data protection is met.

3. Keyword search

By implementing an online hosting system you may benefit from a keyword search tool which could save your employees time and money. FreeDocs is a prime example of an online hosting system which offers clients the use of this fantastic tool. Why waste valuable time searching through endless filing cabinets and lever arch files for the right document? The key word search tool has been designed so employees only need to type a name or reference to access the specific document required.

4. Management and access

Another extremely valuable benefit in using an online hosting system is the ability to monitor activity and ensure documentation follows a complete electronic audit trail. Levels of access can be determined by management who can delegate ‘super users’ and ‘casual users’ to determine whether and employee can only read or edit documentation.

5. Freeing up office space

If your company hasn’t already implemented an effective document management system, it is more than likely that your desk papers are piling up and your ‘secret stash’ of paperwork locked away is starting to overflow. With an online hosting system, you can maintain a tidy, well ordered office and access your documentation at the click of a button. The days of investing in larger offices and filing cabinets to compensate for overflowing paperwork is over.