Why Do You Need a Digital Mailroom?

Save time

Documents will be opened and sorted by us. Once digitised, data will be automatically extracted and added to databases or workflows. Don’t waste time managing exceptions, incomplete or incorrectly completed forms.

Reduced operational costs

With quick, efficient access to incoming mail, your business can drastically reduce operational costs whilst allowing employees to focus their time on more important tasks.

Instant access to incoming mail

With every digital mailroom project, we will guarantee incoming mail is scanned and accessible the very same day. With flexible, remote access to your post, you can respond to customers quicker and accelerate important business transactions. Mail will be opened straight away rather than business need.

Enhanced visibility and security

Review mail entering the business in real-time and guarantee confidentiality by restricting employee access on your dedicated document management portal. Digital mailroom eradicates the risk of accidental loss, damage, and confidentiality breaches.

Remote working

Storetec’s mailroom operation provides the perfect solution for remote workers. Without the need to attend site to receive and process hardcopy mail, employees are free to work remotely whilst Storetec handle all your mail, making it securely accessible from anywhere in the world, 24/7. This is especially important during the current Coronavirus situation.


Contact our team to learn more about how a digital mailroom could benefit your operation.