Schools Enjoy a Safer, Quicker Way to Access Student Records


The Client

The client is a large educational charity that owns and operates academies across the UK.

Client Requirements

We arranged to collect the document archives from each academy over a six-month period. After scanning the student records, we converted the scanned images into text-searchable PDF images. Then, we indexed them using the client’s own indexing system to facilitate easy access. We added the scanned documents to an individual database, one per academy, and uploaded them onto our online hosting system, FreeDocs. This allows each location to be able to see their own documents only, which is essential due to the confidential nature of the student records. To make sure each academy’s student records are kept up to date, we set up quarterly collections. Now, the academies can offer each student an electronic copy of their record of education.

“Holding all of our student record information within a secure and accessible system is essential for us – Storetec provides this and more. The academies can access their own documents when needed, whilst the Head Office team can see all of the information across the group. We did suffer a fire at one of our buildings last year and would have lost all of the student records if we hadn’t been working with Storetec.”
Head of Pupil Services