FreeDocs- Introducing Digital Signatures

Storetec’s cloud-based document management system, FreeDocs, is the perfect online space for your organisation to access and manage digitised documentation. The system was built on the foundations of knowledge and experience, and over the past 5 years, has advanced to implement new features to benefit businesses throughout the UK.

FreeDocs now has the capabilities of allowing users to create digital signatures in documentation such as legal contracts. Digital/electronic signatures are a fairly new practice and are acknowledged in carrying equal weight and admissibility to physical signatures. Before electronic signatures were legalised, all documentation requiring a signature had to be shipped or faxed in a paper format making the whole process the very long winded and costly.

Digital Signatures have numerous benefits, some of which are:

Instant Access

Contracts can be sent at the click of a button, providing instant access no matter the geographical location. This also means that if there are any issues with legal documentation, issues can be flagged and reported as soon as possible.


Digital signing is low-cost, in fact the only cost is an initial contract management software. There are numerous savings in terms of: postage, paper and labour (if applicable).

Tracking Information

Unlike paper signatures which are an identifiable index, digital signatures provide layers of information including who signed what, when, where and how. This audit trail can be extremely useful when tracking information in cases such as legal admissibility.


The automated processes of digital signing reduces the possibility of human error and signing mistakes.


Digital signing is backed up with contract management software which can detect minor altering, improving the safety of your documentation.

If you are an existing client on FreeDocs, looking to implement a digital signature, or interested in benefiting from this fantastic document management system, please contact Storetec today. More information on FreeDocs is available by clicking here.