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March 24, 2020

How Do Mail Forwarding and Scanning Services Work?

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Over recent weeks we have been contacted by many businesses who are concerned with how they’re going to access daily mail items as key employees are working from home. Following government advice regarding self-isolation and working from is home is critical, however, we cannot ignore the impact this is going to have on business’s operations.

For many organisations, daily mail items may include invoices or correspondence which isn’t necessarily of critical importance. However, for those businesses which receive highly confidential documents or records containing personal information, it is essential a secure storage/holding area or mail scanning service is arranged.

Storetec has been delivering secure and accredited mail scanning services to businesses for 17 years. As part of the service, we will set up a PO box for suppliers to redirect mail items too on an ongoing basis.

How Do Mail Scanning Services Work?

Following the arrival of mail items, Storetec’s processing team will prepare all documents (opening envelopes & removing paperclips) and scan the documents into an electronic format such as PDF. All documents are scanned in full compliance with BS10008 for the ‘Evidential Weight and Legal Admissibility of Electronic Information’. Scanned documents will be indexed with any metadata required; for example, the date the mail arrived, the name of the individual the mail item was addressed to, or what the record pertains to (i.e. invoice, credit note etc).

All scanned mail will be electronically transferred to the business the same working day via SFTP. Alternatively, we can create a cloud-based mail receipt platform such as FreeDocs which we will upload mail items into on a daily basis. Authorised employees will be given individual logins determining their level of access within the database. For example, access can be restricted so specific employees can only review scanned mail items address to themselves. As the system is cloud-based, employees can access scanned mail items whether there working from home or the office.

We understand it is a difficult time for every business, however, if we can be of assistance with digital mail solutions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will ensure all projects of this nature remain a priority, alleviating any stress businesses may face over the implementation of remote working.

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